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New York International Auto Show

The New York International Auto Show ended last week. One car many people were excited about was the Rimac Concept One.

Road and Track discussed the rare car that they found visiting the New York Auto Show. 63 more words


The 2017 New York International Auto Show: Best of the rest

(Source: arstechnica.com)

NEW YORK—There has been much to see at this year’s New York International Auto Show. Ford had a new hybrid police car… 417 more words


Rimac Concept One at NYIAS

The Rimac is the first electric hypercar. It’s proven to be a little quicker than a Porsche 918 in the 1/4 mile, and it has a good amount of hype surrounding it at this point. 103 more words

Exotic Supercars

Are Electric Cars REALLY the Future for Driving Enthusiasts?

Watching the first episode of the new season of Top Gear, and Chris Harris made a comment about the Ferrari FXX K possibly being the last gasp of the combustion engine. 1,020 more words

Exotic Supercars

Ride of the Valkyrie

In Norse mythology, the valkyries were winged female spirits who chose who would die in battle and who would live. Their selected warriors were brought to Valhalla, a majestic hall in the realm of Asgard, ruled by the one-eyed god Odin. 246 more words


El Edificio Rímac

Es uno de los edificios más representativos de la ciudad de Lima. De estilo francés, fue construido entre los años 1919 y 1924 como parte del boom constructor del Gobierno de Augusto B. 65 more words


A start-up just launched a stunning electric supercar that can hit 194 mph

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Electric car start-up NextEV has launched its first car since it was founded in 2014 — and it’s stunning.

The supercar can reach a top speed of 194 mph and accelerate to 100 kilometers-per-hour (or 62 mph) in just 2.7 seconds, … 191 more words

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