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Review: Rime by Tim Lebbon

Hey everyone, Dave here. :) Hope you’ve all been well!

I’m back with a new review, this time a with a look at Tim Lebbon’s ‘Rime’. 728 more words


Approaches to Non-Sectarianism

The following post is based on my paper at the recent IATS conference in Bergen, which was entitled ‘Highlighting Unity: Two Approaches to Non-Sectarianism in 20th Century Tibet’. 3,509 more words


“Gross Indecency: An Otherworld Novel” Chapter Five

Gross Indecency: An Otherworld Novel will eventually be edited and put on sale, but for now, I figured as we worked on it, we would also release the chapters for free. 6,214 more words

Works In Progress

Adventures in Wheelbuilding

If there was a conversation going on near your cubicle where you overheard one person say, “just bring your bike to Tyson, he knows everything about bikes. 705 more words


Bucăți întregite la doi

Când ochii către mine reflectă lumea ta,

Gândesc c- o viață- ntreagă de aș putea visa,

Eu aș străbate- ncet cărările ei toate

A ta natură dragă sufletu-mi să poarte. 114 more words


The Rime Center is Special Because...

*this originally appeared in the Rime Center Newsletter*

The Rime Center is Special Because….

By Daniel Scharpenburg
I thought I would just list some reasons why I like the Rime Center and why I am proud to be part of this community… 481 more words