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Rather than an under the radar scan post-show, it might be more valuable this time to take a preemptive approach, at least as it concerns titles we’ve already been exposed to. 1,112 more words

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Rime – frost formed on cold objects by the rapid freezing of water vapour in cloud or fog;  an accumulation of granular ice tufts on the windward sides of exposed objects that is formed from supercooled fog or cloud and built out directly against the wind; a white incrustation of ice formed when supercooled water droplets freeze almost instantly on contact with a solid surface; a coating, as of mud or slime, likened to a frosty film; to cover an object with hoar frost; archaic variant of rhyme.


Rime Business Owner Empowers Women For The Rime x Reebok Ventilator "Diamond" Sneak!

Yesterday (June 26, 2015), Rime business owner, Sue Boyle, continued to celebrate her collaboration with Reebok for the creation of Reebok x Rime Ventilator “Diamond” shoe. 650 more words

Hey Mikey

Odinsbarn – Mia leser fantasy for første gang!

Jeg ser den ligger der og den har ligget der en stund. Maddy maser og maser og jeg flasser gjennom boken igjen; fortsatt 614 sider bollebok med pur fantasy. 870 more words


The Rime of the Ancient Mariner: Was it a Christian or Pagan Based Poem?

Many people who read The Rime of the Ancient Mariner believe it has a Christian moral. Others think that it may have a Pagan background. In some parts of the long poem both Christian and Pagan ideas are noticed. 926 more words


Races - Rafa - Part 2 (The Rimeborn Giants)

The Rimeborn

Troll, Choaster

Trolls, Sons of Earth
These giants come from an unknown source, speculated to be Shaitan involvement. What is known of their origin is that the vast majority are deep-inland, usually in mountains or caves, but are occasionally found on islands (or ships that have gone to those islands). 153 more words

Races Of Trimachae