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Traveling While Single

Twice during my travels this past month, my ring finger was commented on.

Because that’s a thing strangers get to do, apparently. 406 more words


Teeth Are Not Tools

Sometimes it takes a celebrity to help us remember those tried and true lessons our parents taught us. In fact I’m sure Jimmy Fallon heard a faint whisper of his mother saying, “I told you not to open things with your teeth!” after he chipped his tooth trying to open a tube of medicine for his injured hand earlier this week. 482 more words

Independence Orthodontist

Before Surgery of Man Who Got His Finger Degloved.

Following the post for the guy who got his ring finger amputated, this is the same dude being examined by surgeons – notice the gloves and a shirt that somewhat looks tropical. 21 more words


Jimmy Fallon Finally Explains What Kept Him In The Hospital For The Last 10 Days!

I missed my Jimmy Fallon!! :((

So if you have been wondering wear Jimmy Fallon has been for 2 weeks … welp, he basically almost lost his finger!!! 47 more words


Degloved Ring Finger Gets Amputated From Public Service Bus - Happy To Be Back!

Hey, it’s admin here giving my latest post to all you druggies addicted to gore. Yeah, I got your fix. It’s right here on my hand waiting to be publicized. 478 more words


8 fingers is better than 9

“Can’t you stop delaying?” winced Gabriel. He was holding his left hand out by its wrist with the tight grip of his right hand.

“I don’t know man, you are in this much pain and I didn’t even do anything yet,” replied Oliver. 1,118 more words

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