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Safety First

Fighters train hard. I am not a fighter and at one point I wanted to fight. Since I’ve been seeing things through my lens, I have discovered that not everyone can be a fighter. 58 more words

Robert Frost says:

“We dance around
in a ring and suppose,

But the Secret sits in
the middle and knows.”

The Shot

I have been taking action and sports pictures for awhile now. Action photography is what I love to shoot. Many people ask me if I got the shot? 57 more words

Conceal the Ring Box

Conceal the ring box cause the little things count. Something you may not of thought about for the big proposal day, is how you will hide the ring box or ring. 82 more words

My Birthday Wishlist

Here’s what my old ass wants for my birthday this year, can’t wait to commence the last year of my twenties next week!


https://rstyle.me/n/c9ctw5cfs4f… 29 more words

Elle Wore It

1931 (Part III)

A year and a half before Prajna moved back to India, things were way different. As for an Indian living in London back in the late nineteen twenties were tough but Prajna had her way of dealing with things. 1,284 more words

Short Stories

Cinbos Model B15 Wireless Doorbell, Waterproof Chime Kit, 1000 Feet Operating, LED Indi...

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Style:Black pro Wireless Doorbell Working Distance: Wireless doorbell operated at 1000ft / 300m(e.g. villa having 5 floors). The signal can easily cross through metal doors or walls, but can not install transmitter on the metal, because built-in antenna can not close to metal. 235 more words