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The Celtic Knot

On my way home I passed these bushes, a well-groomed front yard; excavation supreme for this business front on 5th Street. A thought suddenly popped into my head, “throw the ring.” I kept going, unable to let go of my past. 181 more words

The Man of Mystery

The queen awoke with a dull sensation in her head. She blinked a few times and looked around the room. Everything seemed dull. Her gaze lingered in the other side of the large bed. 446 more words

Short Stories

I cried.
Showed my scars
And asked for help.
He put on the gloves,
Called my enemy
Into the ring,
And trampled him.
My warrior!
My Savior!


Paris exhibit opening inspires an opening edition of the popular piano ring for Foundation supporters

With the authentic Liberace Baron Hilton Piano Ring about to be the centerpiece of other Liberace Museum Collection artifacts to be exhibited at the Paris Museum of Modern Art… 137 more words



Well it’s been a while since I’ve posted on here

Been working on the paperwork required over the last few weeks and looking forward to getting some studio time in this weekend!

Photos and updates to follow


Wait... I'M ENGAGED!

“This has to be the best weekend of my entire life.”

Soooo I acknowledge I’ve been a little MIA recently. There are a few reasons as to why, mainly concerning my health and a sporadic ear infection, perforated eardrum, and then an episode of bells palsy thrown my way. 478 more words


The Couple & proposal.

We’re a twenty-something couple who live together in Surrey. We met online (no, not a dating site!) about 10 years ago now.

We’ve been together for 6 years now, living together for 2 years and engaged for just over 3 weeks at this point. 302 more words