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The real ring

This blog’s title is poignant for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, apologies if you saw the clearly unfinished/not even started post which just contained a picture of a ring: 934 more words


Gegelang Bawang Burger King

Tekstur dan rasa gegelung bawang ini adalah ia rangup diluar dan rangup manis bawang di dalam. Kombinasi yang sangat kena.




Filthy hobbitses always after me lucky charms


Algebras and why modules are a thing

A -algebra where is a field, is a ring with the added structure of being a vector space over (with respect to the same addition) where scalar multiplication behaves nicely with the ring multiplication. 236 more words


The Latest Trend in Wearing Engagement Rings? Having Them Embedded Inside Fingers

There are numerous medical dangers and concerns regarding this latest trend among millennials, including the fact that the piercings are not being done by doctors, and “the danger of the diamond snagging.” 340 more words

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