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The Meta Movie Monster Milieu: The Postmodern Horror Film...

Horror films have historically performed very well.

They never really get the same attention or focus as more prestigious genres like drama or even comedy or action, but they tend to chug away reliably in the background. 2,313 more words


Ringu (1998), Suicide Club (2002), and the Horrors of the Technological Myth

The opening dialogue of the 1998 horror genre game-changer Ringu is an urban legend, a Candyman-style recitation of the now-iconic curse that drives the film’s plot. 1,251 more words

Brandon Ledet

Ring: Kanzenban

Koji Suzuki’s novel “Ring” not only captivated with its originality and the tension described in its pages but also managed to reach visionaries who wanted to present the story with a full-live action motion. 460 more words


Ringu with English subs

Hi Everbody!

A reporter and her ex-husband investigate a cursed video tape that is rumored to kill the viewer seven days after watching it.

Watch & enjoy!

You don't want to meet this woman @night! Part 1

It’s late and you’re a little drunk. Your friends have already left with girls they picked up at the local bar. You were the only one who wasn’t interesting enough to go home to, that even the last girl, the not so pretty one, left by herself. 575 more words

My Favourite Asian Horror list

Hi Everybody!

This is my favourite Asian Horror list. Most Asian Horror movies have American adoptations, but I prefer the Asian version cause they are more scarier and more complicated to understand due the asian folkore. 126 more words