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The 10 Best Horror Movies of 1998

1998 produced some really well-assembled horror films, and a few flicks that, while sketchy on a technical front, proved to be exceptionally entertaining. There’s room for a little bit of everything that 1998 had to offer on this list, which is no doubt one of the strongest and most diverse we’ve put together for you, yet! 958 more words

Decade's Best

"Rings" Circles Another Success

Rings (2017)

This sequel had the potential to be horrible. The story was wrapped up enough before for me to feel like I didn’t need to see what came next, but oh no these creators were not done. 246 more words

Author: Patilynn Locke


 Ringu is a hard film to watch, and I mean that literally. I saw The Ring, the American remake, a few months ago. But I couldn’t find… 367 more words


Review : Ringu / リング (1998)

Ringu, directed by Hideo Nakata, was released in 1998 and catapulted Japanese Horror (now know as J-Horror) on the international scene.

The film opens with two teenage girls discussing a videotape one of them saw. 467 more words

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Review - Rings

You watch it, and then you die.

No, wait, sorry. That isn’t right. You watch it, then you get a phone call, and then you die. 659 more words


Cozy's Drama Book #18

A List of Things I Don’t Like in A Drama (or a Book, or Movies)

  1. Scary Movies. I can do intense, I liked Bad Guys just fine (it was a bit of a guilty pleasure) and I don’t mind blood (*cough* Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim *cough*) but horror films and jump scares are super not favorite.
  2. 485 more words
Korean Drama

Dark Water

Back in the day I was confident that the Japanese version of The Ring (aka Ringu) was the scariest movie I had ever seen.  However in subsequent years the reputation of Jap horror and it’s uprising has been diluted by a series of inferior American remakes and over-use of some of its tropes (there’s always a dead girl with long hair over her face).  472 more words