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Review - Rings

You watch it, and then you die.

No, wait, sorry. That isn’t right. You watch it, then you get a phone call, and then you die. 659 more words

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The Ring

Bräunlein, Peter J. “Spirits in and of Southeast Asia’s Modernity: An Overview.” In Dynamics of Religion in Southeast Asia: Magic and Modernity, edited by Gottowik Volker, 33-54. 225 more words


Cozy's Drama Book #18

A List of Things I Don’t Like in A Drama (or a Book, or Movies)

  1. Scary Movies. I can do intense, I liked Bad Guys just fine (it was a bit of a guilty pleasure) and I don’t mind blood (*cough* Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim *cough*) but horror films and jump scares are super not favorite.
  2. 485 more words
Korean Drama

Dark Water

Back in the day I was confident that the Japanese version of The Ring (aka Ringu) was the scariest movie I had ever seen.  However in subsequent years the reputation of Jap horror and it’s uprising has been diluted by a series of inferior American remakes and over-use of some of its tropes (there’s always a dead girl with long hair over her face).  472 more words


Rings (2017) - Review

When Rings (2017) opened with a standalone scene on an airplane completely unrelated to the rest of the plot, I had a bad feeling. Unfortunately that feeling came true and the film proceeded to try a dozen different ideas without fulfilling any but the most mediocre. 379 more words


Weekly Shudder - SADAKO VS KAYAKO

Weekly Shudder (temp name) will be an ongoing series of blogs/reviews of movies that are part of the online streaming service, Shudder, library.

I’ve had the Shudder service for about a year, maybe a little more, and I love how the library has grown.  315 more words

Rings Is A Movie Without An Identity

Hello, everyone! Sorry for the month long delay between posts. If you couldn’t guess, it’s because my spring semester has been as chaotic as Donald Trump’s presidency and I’ve only just found my footing. 895 more words