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YouTuber takes horror to the next level by recreating Sadako's spooky TV screen exit in AR【Video】

There are many practical uses for the Apple ARKit, and scaring the living daylights out of your children is most certainly one of them.  329 more words


Ringu: Kanzenban (1995)

After Gore Verbinski’s “The Ring” premiered in 2002, the west opened its eyes to Hideo Nakata’s version Ringu from 1998. For many people that one will always be known as “the Japanese version”, but many fail to understand that Nakata was not the first to direct a movie about the cursed video tape. 671 more words


Movie Review: Rings - 2017 - directed by F. Javier Gutierrez

12 years went by since The Ring 2 and some studio exec decided what we need is another film in the series. Did we really need another film? 487 more words


Japan’s Cursed Ghost Story?

Japan is a unique country because of its ability to embrace the changing world around them while still having hold of its cultural roots. Storytelling, a fixture in Japanese entertainment, evolved over the years and the introduction of motion picture help not only tell stories of the past to newer generations but to outsiders curious about Japan’s culture. 99 more words

Ringu 2 (1999)

Hideo Nakata’s Ringu was with no doubt a huge success in Japan and in 1999 it was time for its sequel to premiere: Ringu 2. As some of you already know, this was the second attempt for a sequel as the original one by Joji Iida, … 555 more words


Rasen (1998)

Undeniably, Ringu was a huge success in Japan, and has had both a sequel and a prequel, as well as a Korean and an American remake. 663 more words


Ringu (1998)

This is where it all began. In January 1998, Ringu premiered in theatres all over Japan, and the Asian horror genre would never be the same again. 727 more words