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Congratulations Sadako! "Ringu"'s Evil Ghost is Officially an Adult!

In Japan, you enter adulthood at the age of 20, which is celebrated on the “Coming of Age” day, a holiday held every year on the second Monday of January.  245 more words


Analysis of the Sound in Hideo Nakata's Ringu (1998)

The use of sound within films has now become an essential part of the film-going experience, as the use of sound can create a deeper emotional connection to the narrative story of a film. 454 more words

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After the first twenty minutes of this Indonesian horror movie, I kept fiddling with my phone to change the assigned message tone for most of my contacts. 237 more words



Author: Koji Suzuki
Genre: Horror

“A mysterious videotape warns that the viewer will die in one week unless a certain, unspecified act is performed. Exactly one week after watching the tape, four teenagers die one after another of heart failure.  406 more words

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The Ring Review-Halloween Special

Greetings, friends and followers! In mid-October, I decided to do something a little differently in celebration of Halloween. I picked two popular horror movies for all of you to choose from for me to review. 692 more words


Rings (2017, dir. F. Javier Gutiérrez)

A VHS tape yields an odd film; an investigation reveals that it comes with a curse. Belated third film in the US Ringu retelling, this time with a different backstory from… 27 more words

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TTT - Top 10 Horror Movies

Greetings, Glancers! It’s been an age and a half since I did one of these Top Ten Tuesdays lists, and that is simply unacceptable. As it’s the season of ghouls and murder I’m going to throw my head into the ring and let you know my Top Ten favourite Horror Movies of all time. 2,038 more words