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Review: Ring by Koji Suzuki

There is rumor of a mysterious videotape that will make you die seven days after watching it. The only way to avoid certain death is to complete the charm that will stop you from dying. 478 more words



This is an overview of the complete Ringu / Ring series so far, to coincide with the announcement of a third American instalment by director F. 20 more words


Ringu (1998)

This is probably best known, at least to folks in the western world, as the original Japanese version of The Ring, which starred Naomi Watts. It always seems like popular opinion amongst film-lovers to disregard remakes (especially Hollywood remakes) and to adore the originals (especially if foreign). 328 more words

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The Canal, Film Trailer

We watched this brilliant little ghost story horror film the other day. Loved it, fans of original Ringu? or Mario Bava? Hmmm me thinks so. 10 more words

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[Review] Ringu Quadrilogy

This particular review was from my old blog dated 27th November 2010. It was written after a Ringu marathon at 3 am. Interestingly I did not write a Ju-on review together, can’t remember why. 1,234 more words


Sadako - Ring / Ringu

I remember reading about the original Ring movie back when I was living at home with my folks.  I went and got a copy of the movie immediately after reading the premise, sat with my younger brother, and crapped myself as I digested the beginning of the Eastern Ghost Horror movie revolution.   52 more words


Sleepovers, Sadako and my love affair with The Ring

On discovering a Ring prequel is in the works, due for release later this year, I reflect on my own complicated relationship with the franchise. 925 more words