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rinse complex

telling as its own bottole

and leap

as its own hope

as its own further

as the side

and all on the point

and caught… 47 more words




他問除了“Wash your hands”還有沒有其他的英文說法教小孩洗手呢?


第一句:“Wash your hands”(這個不用說了)

第二句:“Scrub your fingers”(擦一下手指)

第三句:“Scrub the back of your hands”(擦一下手背)


其實,醫生在做手術之前也要洗手,他們叫”Scrub-in” (當然,他們真的是用擦去擦手的。如果你們看很多講醫生的美劇你們應該不會陌生)


Rinse your hands well”咯(我特別加了一“Well”字是因為提醒Ally要沖水沖得乾淨點,怕她留下泡泡在手)。 21 more words


Rinse raises $14M in Series B funding to bring its laundry pick-up nationwide

Rinse, the San Francisco-based dry cleaning and laundry delivery service, has closed a $14M Series B round of funding.

This comes after a $6M Series A last year… 315 more words


Expert Advice For Your Best Shampoo

Today we’re going deeper than the typical “lather, rinse repeat” advice. Cleaning your hair is important and has to be done with the upmost care. In this blog I’ll be walking you through the right way to clean your hair. 297 more words


Of Prescriptions, Encryptions and the Pair of Pimps

Medical practitioners, divide up into two clearly defined and mutually exclusive categories. Those who write prescriptions and those who write encryptions (or cryptographs, to use old fashioned terminology). 1,010 more words

Memoirs - English - Bengali

Super Easy DIY Conditioner and Rinse

Making your own hair treatments is so easy. It’s also great to know what’s in the products you’re using.

It takes a total of only… 309 more words



Bringing me flowers, talking away
all the others who came before
you – the currency of rinse.