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Why we must rinse our recyclables

My husband keeps asking me if it’s wise to rinse our recyclables given that we are often in a state of drought. Of course we reuse most of our jars and bottles, which need to be cleaned so they can be easily refilled. 267 more words


Week 8

Narratives VS Interactivity

Going through both classes, Digital Narratives and RINSE constantly places me in two separate zones which lead me to question: Which serves the other? 444 more words


Week 7

This is the bane of my life.

Spent a whole day trying to hunt down a DMX 5 pin to 3 pin adaptor, before giving up and buying equipment to solder one myself. 212 more words


Week 6

What’s at the pinnacle of Multi-Sensory Experiences?
Before I wanted to study this, I was first a consumer.
I love highs. I loved rollercoaster rides, I love alcohol, I love laughing out loud. 389 more words


Week 5: Second Home

What would my first project in Melbourne be?
I’ve always wanted to do an art installation but I’ve never seen myself as an artist once. I guess this is how its going to be, you just flow with what you feel like doing. 789 more words


Week 4 -Joshua Batty and Granular Synthesis

I just had my mind fully blown.

Today’s session will forever remain with me for a long time. I reckon everyone felt the same way in class today as well. 559 more words