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As For Me and My House, We Shall Wash Our Chicken (and Our Rice! I Don't Care What Anybody Else Says.) @TheSocialCTV

I was watching this clip from The Social this week and I was appalled:

Firstly, I’m a Millennial, and I sure ain’t scurred about handling raw meat.  1,963 more words

Natural Fruit & Veggie Wash

My mom always washed the fruit and veggies before we ate.

When it comes from the garden – it gets all the bugs and dirt off. 68 more words

Essential Oils

Repent and Be Baptized

Why Repent?

Or rather

Why bathe?

The absurdity of the latter question

is clear

but that of the former

is no less so.

Throughout the course of the day, 85 more words


Green Tea Rinse - Revamped

So I just rediscovered the awesomeness of a green tea rinse. I mean that literally. I must have done something different from my usual rinse practice because the result this time was ah-amazing. 299 more words

Natural Hair

There aren't enough hours in the day

Every day I wake up, eat breakfast, rush to get a ton of things done, and eat lunch all before 1:30. Because at that time I start my first four hour twitch stream. 296 more words

Sore Throat? Gargle With Salt! (Why Gargling Saltwater Works)

While recovering from my tonsillectomy, I have had a lot of time to contemplate the nature of sore throats. According to the Mayo Clinic, gargling with salt water is one of the cold remedies that actually works to alleviate the pain from a sore throat. 244 more words