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6. Water load of fun! Brazil: Rio de Janiero, Ilha Grande & Iguazu Falls

When we last left you we were “stranded” on the island paradise of Morro de Sao Paolo following an ill timed ill time. Well good news! 790 more words

Rick Stacy On Demand 5.24.17

The CDC warning about swimming pools, the passing of Roger Moore, and a panhandling faker in today’s Rick Stacy On Demand.

SUNNY Update– The CDC warning about swimming pools, a fast food argument, and a sinkhole appears outside Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Resort. 62 more words


The Proposal

My wonderful fiance proposed to me on 15th August 2016 at the bottom of the Christ Redeemer- on his third attempt!

After I said yes and the celebrations had calmed down I found out that the proposal was actually the third attempt after I had (unknowingly) ruined the first two attempts (oops!). 357 more words

A foodies guide to... Brazil!

Brazil, Brazil. Famous for its football, amazing beaches and friendly people, however not always so favourably remembered for its food. The first time I came to Brazil I really struggled with the ‘beige’ food on offer – lots of heavy meats and pastries, carbs on carbs on carbs! 998 more words


Reminiscing of Rio

It’s that time of year when my heart aches to be back in my Marvelous City – Rio De Janeiro.

Growing up, I used to count down the weeks until my family could return to our home away from home. 337 more words


Surviving Rio Carnival: A guide to the world's most bonkers street party

Rio Carnival is the week long, city wide street party that has no equal. Carnaval sucks you in, so much so that you’re still not ready to leave even after the Blocos¬†are all packed away, your hangover is 3-days old, and the streets are… 1,086 more words

South America

Just the Beginning?

In the aftermath of a failed economic boom and far-reaching corruption scandals affecting state oil giant Petrobras among other enterprises , a cash-strapped Brazil unable to pay its police officers and guards in some states is losing grip of its streets and penitentiaries. 1,960 more words