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More Fascinating Facts About Wild Turkeys!

Turkeys of a Feather

Are you aware that young jakes have longer primary feathers in the center of their fan-shaped


In fact that is a way to tell a mature tom from a young jake. 330 more words

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Talkin' Turkey: The Rio Grande & Merriam's Subspecies

Since the Eastern Wild Turkey’s habitat is the largest and they are the bird you are most likely to see, I’ll be comparing the 2 today to the Eastern.   377 more words

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Talkin' Turkey: Which Turkeys Are Where?

The Next Few Articles

Today’s article will tell which subspecies of  gobblers are in each state.  Next, I’ll share info on each subspecies — including the differences between them. 386 more words

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Talking Turkey: Which of the 5 Types are Near You?

Across North America, there are 5 subspecies of the turkey (genus Meleagris)

Eastern Turkey

These  turkeys  ‘strut their stuff’  from Maine to the northern regions of Florida and west to Oklahoma.   252 more words

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What's Unique About Each Variety of Wild Turkeys?

As mentioned previously, there are 5 subspecies of the North American wild turkey. Generally, they have some distinctive differences that a hunter should be aware of before setting out to do battle with the “big birds.” 445 more words

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