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For Prisoners Justice Day I am finally posting my Sentencing Statement from June 26, 2012

I want to write about the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women campaign in Toronto. I want to write about how three different young Indigenous women have been apparently killed this summer in this city, and how like across the country such deaths are so often not taken seriously by the state. 4,495 more words

Riot 2010

Out of Jail

Drafted in the Toronto West Detention Centre,  January 19

[Updated and Published on January 26, TMC, http://toronto.mediacoop.ca
Released from jail on January 24
] 1,313 more words

Riot 2010

Capitalism, Criminalization, and Resistance

There is more violence in people’s lives on the street
and in the world than there is in our lives in our cells and on the ranges…
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Riot 2010

Targeted for Harassment

Organizing in the face of Police Initimidation

Yesterday I spoke at a press conference held by the Toronto Community Mobilization Network (TCMN). The event was at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre which is to be the site of  G20 meetings in just two weeks. 577 more words

Riot 2010

A Response to Judy Rebick

The Black Bloc and the 21st Century anti-Colonial Movement at the Olympics

Judy Rebick, from her office in downtown Toronto, complained that “when a spontaneous anger against the Black Bloc emerged on social media, people berated us for ‘dividing the movement.’” She says that, in fact, “it is the Black Bloc that is dividing the movement.” 2,003 more words

Riot 2010

What is this whole "Riot 2010" thing about anyway?

I’ve been asked this more than once in the past year, and despite frustration with lack of education and awareness of such critical issues as homelessness, environmental destruction, corporate colonialism and native land claims, its refreshing when people express an interest or atleast an openness to hearing about the causes, instead of knee-jerk defensive reactions that stem from ignorance, fear and antipathy. 579 more words


Riot 2010 Begins

400 protesters raged through the streets of Vancouver on the “2010 Heart Attack” march on Saturday, February 13, 2010. Thirteen people were arrested, and dozens more were detained. 13 more words