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‘League of Legends’ testing automated system to combat abusive behaviour

TORONTO – The company behind one of the world’s most popular online games, “League of Legends,” is taking a stand against abusive behaviour and language from its users. 385 more words


My Trip to Riot Headquarters

(Have you seen my Bear Tibbers?)

Riot Games is the company that designs and Implements the massively successful League of Legends. The game is a team-based game where you pilot a Champion who uses unique spells and powers to defeat other players in both combat and in the completion of objectives. 163 more words


New League Of Legends System Wants to Reform Bad-Mouthers

Riot Games’ latest attempt to help stop dickish League of Legends players from being so dickish isn’t a different type of ban, it’s a potentially helpful piece of feedback. 172 more words


Free league help!!!!

So yeah, what I want to offer is help with this awesome game that we all love. I spend a lot of time playing as well as studying the game, and it would help me as well as anybody who needs it, to bounce this information off somebody else. 124 more words


Recruiting for Ranked 5's play (Bronze-Silver pref).

So yeah I know I haven’t been posting too often. This is partly due to the fact that I still am unsure of the purpose that I want this blog to serve. 153 more words


League of Legends Boost - LoL Tier List - Solo Queuer Tier List

daily from trunk/main (we do not branch) as a part of our continuous delivery methodology. you\’re correct that this deploy helps USA catch some exposure to player-impacting bugs however it additionally helps USA uncover bugs (behind the scenes) with our server configurations and preparation tools. 689 more words

Elo Boost

League of Legends, Closest Thing I Can Get To Couch Co-Op. (Opinion Piece)

League of Legends, a very popular multiplayer online battle arena, has been around for about six years now. Riot Games launched the free-to-play game on October of 2009, and became such an instant success that it won two awards in the same year ( 582 more words

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