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Perdona, ¿quién eres? Campeones Olvidados de League of Legends

Todos en algún momento hemos deseado que Riot añada una nueva skin a nuestro personaje favorito o incluso un rework del mismo, seguro que en varias ocasiones este deseo se ha hecho realidad, ya que la compañía está constantemente innovando y actualizando el juego y sus componentes, pero hay una minoría de campeones que, hoy en día siguen pasando desapercibidos para los ojos de los diseñadores. 337 more words


Week 1 - Let the Games Begin!!

It’s game time!!! The siren has sounded, the PC is on, Client open, Champion locked in, welcome to season 8. This week on Tuesday the 16th of January, season 8 has officially kicked off and the climb has begun. 202 more words


Esports as Esports

Companies involved and interested in esports need to move past the question of: “Are esports sports?”

The video game industry, and video games more broadly, have long struggled to gain recognition as a so-called “legitimate,” media. 716 more words


Riot Games

채용은 모든 기업들의 영원한 숙제입니다. 회사가 필요로 하는 인재를 선발하기 위해 기업들은 다양한 시도를 해 왔습니다. 특히 인성이 좋은 지원자를 가려내는 것은 기업 문화 측면에서 반드시 고려해야 할 점입니다.


Getting Back into League of Legends

Figured I’d start things off just with a regular ol’ blog post rambling about League of Legends. The game that’s 50/50 on whether you love it or hate it, that’s for sure. 679 more words


The Rumour Come Out. Does Varus Riot is Gay??

Twas few nights before Christmas (25 to be clear)
When the dev peeps of Riot, made something quite dear
Through the vid to the comics, their message was clear…
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Video Games

esports: Where will the marketing dollars come from?

In our posts earlier in the year about esports (and here and here), we argued that esports have done a tremendous job of attracting viewers, but now the challenge is to attract sponsors willing to pay for that audience.  762 more words