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Esports vs Traditional Sports

Earlier today, Riot Games published a video to their League of Legends YouTube account titled, “Our Game | League of Legends.” To quickly sum it up, the video is a collection of media and traditional sports media questioning the validity of esports, coupled with shots of live esporting events. 735 more words

League Of Legends

Pay to Play... Then Pay Some More

A bold new era is upon us: where games can both come with a shelf price AND have almost required in-game purchases. Eh… what can you do? 782 more words

Star Wars

How Rioters Connect to Their Audience

Riot Games is credited with developing the most popular game on the internet currently with a daily player base of 27 million people. With such a massive following and the games ever-changing design, it is only natural that Riot would want to keep an open conversation between the developers and the players. 815 more words

The League of Legends Update: Don’t Rune It

Tuesday night was a very panicky, game-filled night for us.

Not in a bad way, it was just we’d realized that the preseason League of Legends update… 865 more words


What does LOL really stand for?

Here’s why everyone should pick up league once in one word, Worlds. Who doesn’t want to have pride for their country?

After the 2017 League of Legends… 669 more words