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Overview of Upcoming Patch 6.11

Below you will find the upcoming list of changes for patch 6.11. All changes are subject to adjustments prior to the official Riot Games patch notes. 677 more words


The Plague of the Shurima Update

Warning! This is probably a lot of griping and other stuff. Mostly some history about League and its lore. Feel free to not care about this particular entry unless you are interested in that kind of stuff. 611 more words


Patch Notes 6.10

The official Patch Note for 6.10 can be found here.

Taliyah is out!

League Of Legends News

Riot Games (Integration Marketing Campaign)

Who is Riot Games?

Most gamers would know the current on-trend online RPG game by Riot Games – League of Legends. League of Legends (LoL) is a strategic games against players around the region you are set on by controlling your selected ‘champion’ using your mechanics skills, deep understanding of the game and etc to gain victory for every game. 620 more words

Age’s Site Update For May 2016

Greetings all, you didn’t think I’d forget about the monthly post did ya?

Guild Wars 2 posts were really slow to none existent due to ArenaNet being hush hush about the April patch which proved to be awesome. 285 more words


LoL (I'm not laughing, guys, c'mon)

After bad-mouthing MOBAs in the Battleborn video, we decided TimeToPunt hasn’t given them a fair chance. We wrangled in an expert and got a crash course in the biggest online game out there, League of Legends. 58 more words


Its finally here! 6.9 the Mage changer!

Well the time has come, say goodbye to probably your favorite niche champion and watch Riot take them in a completely different direction that someone is going to complain about. 787 more words