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Ashe: Fan Creations

Wednesdays on the Champion Tribunal are going to be dedicated to me scouring the internet in order to attempt to find some fan art that I think improves upon the visual design of the week’s champ! 661 more words


League of Legends

If you’re a hardcore gamer and can withstand the negativity of people telling you how much you suck. Leagues of Legend is right for you. Its an online, multi-player and free and let me say that once again “FREE” game to download. 56 more words


The Most Annoying Moments in LoL

Every game has moments where you think “this is the time I break my keyboard”, these are some of those moments in League of Legends: 286 more words

So Jokes. Wow!

Types of League of Legends Summoners

Having played League of Legends for quite some time now, I think I can safely assume that I have interacted with pretty much all types of fellow summoners, so let’s break it down!  666 more words

So Jokes. Wow!

Dev Spotlight: Greg Street

There are very few developers who are willing to wade into the forum of public opinion and not just spar with players, but actively engage them in discussion to sort out problems, concerns, answer questions and validate useful feed back. 1,654 more words

World Of Warcraft

Mofosky zastąpi Woolite w ROCCAT?

Po wczorajszej porażce Team ROCCAT w meczu przeciwko Copenhagen Wolves dobrą grą nie popisał się Woolite. Zawodnik ten popełnił masę błędów, przez które jego zespół pożegnał się z walką o play offy. 211 more words


League of Legends Fan Art by Loui



These are drawings he made in a café and then gave away to a child who was watching him. More to come soon. 8 more words

So Jokes. Wow!