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Five Feminist Films!

For young feminists, it can often be hard to find television shows and movies that don’t make us want to rip our heads off. Most studios are run by men, and sometimes it can be hard to find something to watch that is both enjoyable and not completely offensive. 676 more words


Mashup: Dum Dum Girls/Tegan and Sara

My mashup on Dum Dum Girls “Are You Okay?” / Tegan and Sara’s “Walking With a Ghost:


Book Report: Girls to the Front

When I mentioned to my boss that I was starting work on a Riot Grrrl vampire young adult manuscript, she asked me if I had read… 579 more words


Kathleen Hanna: The Original Riot Grrrl

“I’m not going to sit around and sing peace and love with somebody’s boot on my neck.” Listen up boys and girls, Kathleen Hanna not only owned the female rock scene of the 1990’s, but she created it. 1,053 more words

Female Rock

Karren Ablaze! returns with Ablaze! 11

Karren Ablaze! launched the long awaited issue 11 of her fanzine Ablaze! at last year’s Louder Than Words festival, where she also talked about self publishing with… 159 more words


Dealing with Work the Riot Grrrl Way

Boss: What have you got to say for yourself then, Christa?
Me: *Lifts shirt to reveal ‘FUCK THE PATRIACHY’ etched across belly in black eyeliner* 84 more words

A Voluptuous Mind

Riot Blah

If you haven’t already figured it out, judging by the name of this blog, I am a huge riot grrrl fan, and I also identify as one. 569 more words