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Book Review: Girls to the Front

Girls to the Front was the first book I finished this year. I read a review (nl) of it on the dutch feminist blog Vileine… 486 more words


60 Photos of Women Leading Protests Around The World
A host of highly inspirational women fighting for their beliefs and making a stand for what they feel is right

Punk Icons

RIOT GRRRL, ZINES, AND THE POWER OF COLLAGE ART (How to art in these tough times)

The Riot Grrrl punk scene grew out of Olympia, Washington in the 1990s. An extension of the movement came in the form of zines which are homemade booklets. 508 more words


TUNES // Ladyshark - Seance

It’s hard to say which I’m more obsessed with: Ladyshark‘s name, that incredible cover art, or their heyday-Sleater-Kinney-meets-mid-90s-alt sound.

Seance is a wailing, feral song with all the patience and restraint of a rabid dog. 61 more words


Entry 0105: Xmas Conan Reviews

7-inch: Long Distance Lovers by Huggy Bear

1994 Gravity, Gravity 9

Favorite Track: Tuff Lovin

Happy holidays and anti-holidays to all of you crazy people out there! 1,500 more words



Clearly, I must have a fascination with all things black magic. My deep down favourite band*: The Wytches; my new band crush: Hex.

The Wytches favour creeping riffs; subtle, menacing yet delicately poetic lyrics; and embrace what can only be described as a twee side – a chillingly excellent combination in my eyes (or ears, as it were) that gives me shivers every time. 110 more words


Carrie Brownstein's Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl: A Memoir (2015)

Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl is a memoir of Sleater-Kinney; of punk, riot grrl, and a young musician’s finding her identity. This isn’t the story… 1,581 more words