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my religion is LOVE

my practice is KINDNESS 

These are not big announcements, nor proclamations, nor implications about anyone who would not say this same thing. 343 more words

Riot City

“…they are looking for any excuse to let out their primal aggression on the world.”

There’s a certain kind of shitstorm that brews when the home team of a major city loses a big game. 561 more words


Stop Taking Hostages

A female Honolulu Hawaiian cop once said on a television news show regarding the apprehension of a Samoan rapist: “I’m here to tell you that if you rape somebody and then ask them out on a date, I’m going to be the one answering the door when you knock”. 180 more words


JusJoJan - 1/15/18 - Justice For All?

When I chose the word justice as my topic it was just a flash-in-the-pan moment. And when I was given today as the day to use it, I didn’t even think about the significance of the day beyond it being the middle of the month. 636 more words


What the ancient Gods make me feel

All things pretty

Just fill me with fright.

Whether it’s jalebis or a soaring kite.

It is a fun morning,

the sweets are all in place. 258 more words