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Aldridge Will Stay With Blazers

There has been a lot of talk about LaMarcus Aldridge recently.

This is due to him becoming an unrestricted free agent during the summer of 2015. 808 more words

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Going Clear: Rip City and the Prison of Possibility

By Faris Tanyos

Electrodes, E-Meters, bridges, charts, an auditor who asks rhetorical questions and the promise that if I give you enough of my Benjamins, you will free me from my “reactive mind” and help me achieve a Zen-like level of awareness that will give me thetan status… or whatever. 1,169 more words

Pacific Crest Trail; Day #19 - "Woodstock"

Ok, maybe I’m not at Woodstock but I can’t imagine this hot springs here at Deep Creek is much different. It is a very secluded place tucked away in the valley of the mountains where hot water flows from the ground in four different places creating four different hottub-like pools. 376 more words

Rip City Baby!!

It’s playoff time!  I wonder if you can hear us cheering all the way from Nicaragua?

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Brand New Styles Available Online Now

We’re very excited to announce a brand new collection of never seen before designs. Windy City, The Land, Fear The Beard, Dynasty, and many other new styles available now at Strideline.com. 6 more words


The spirit of Portland

After two years of being absent from a Blazer game and a couple months from Portland, yesterday felt like I never left. I had the opportunity to attend the Portland Trail Blazers Career Fair, but that was not necessarily the highlight of my day. 259 more words


Can Rondo Hang Out West?

By Yusuf Gadlin

When I look at the Western Conference of NBA all I can do is shake my head. This year’s Western Conference playoffs will be the most toughest and exciting in NBA history. 422 more words

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