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Let's Play ...

I had just finished watching a fascinating (and gripping) battle between 40 BARRS and C-ASH in QOTR, when Kit Bisto sauntered into the Library. “Guess who I am.” 214 more words


Rip off Britain rears its ugly head

A charity I’m working with called me yesterday to say that they had just had a call from the telecoms company they have a mobile phone contract with telling them their bill for this month had just gone over £10,000. 700 more words


Pimping The Supplier

“If everyone is forced to show everything, what is the benefit of a supplier paying a commission to a price comparison?”

Er…there isn’t any benefit to the consumer whatsoever.The benefit is entirely to the energy supplier and the pimp they choose to give a back hander to.

13 more words


Well I have covered many times in the past how a very large percentage of electronic items are used and refurbished.

This is outside white goods like kitchen appliances because I quite simply do not know. 471 more words

Water Waste of Money!

I hope they never invent a car that runs on water, I couldn’t afford to run it.

I filled my car up with petrol today and paid £1.04 per litre. 79 more words



I had fee drag guided, decided to have a bit at PC World, after waking up from a sleep with a (vaccine grass she that was supposed to be ‘banging’?!) headache. 2,276 more words

So much time, so little to do.

The people of Newcastle have sadly been deprived of The NE1fm Breakfast Show for nearly a week now.

We are still off air but we WILL be back very soon I promise. 190 more words

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