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BBC ONE: Rip-Off Britain Food, s04e10 appearance

Please click the image above to watch my appearance on the BBC One programme Rip-Off Britain Food, s04e10. I appear in the episode, broadcast June 2017, to discuss cinema food prices.

James Luxford


This is … funny.

No this is … hilarious.

Nope. This is … bizarre and extremely of timing.

Theresa May has been reported as stating she is fed up with rip-off pricing and stated she was going to try and put a cap on energy prices? 1,117 more words

Standing Up To Corporate Greed

I’ve written several posts on corporate tax dodgers and greed and this week, none was more surprised to be confronted by another example of this just a minute from where I live when I got on my local bus. 858 more words


The hardest way to make an easy living

Song and Album by Mike ‘The Streets’ Skinner – one of my literary idols.

I am gonna spend a few days in London, but because Easyjet’s booking website was hacked, I decided to get a cross-ferry coach to Glasgow and get a train from Glasgow to London. 208 more words

Ecco Shoes Rip-Off Continues

Followers of this blog may recall my post 2 years ago concerning quality problems with expensive shoes made by Danish manufacturer Ecco.

Unfortunately I bought 4 pairs of premium priced shoes before I realised that the soles fall apart if you don’t wear them regularly. 169 more words


Healthcare Decisions...

It’s something we never really think of talking about. No one ever wants to admit that one day we might not be able to make our own decisions anymore and that we will need someone to be trusted with them on our behalf. 390 more words