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Healthcare Decisions...

It’s something we never really think of talking about. No one ever wants to admit that one day we might not be able to make our own decisions anymore and that we will need someone to be trusted with them on our behalf. 390 more words


Rip-Off Britain?

Amazing fact:

Cost of 1 minute mobile phone call from Malaysia to UK landline using Hotlink (Malaysian mobile company): £0.02 (RM0.12).

Cost of 1 minute phone call from UK mobile to Malaysia landline using BT Mobile: … 25 more words


You Switch - you lose - eventually.

YOU-SWITCH TV ad’s April 16.

Phil Glenister, (chosen doubtless for his forthright/no-nonsense/pseudo-tough/everyman image) tells us he’s fed up with the public complaining about their energy prices. 162 more words


Not so 'sure ....

After just receiving my renewal premium from my Contents Insurers, I happened to notice that since last year it has been hiked up by almost Eighty Pounds, Fifty Pounds the year previous and another Fifty before that, so, I contacted their *hotline*, which actually cost me to call them, and requested a review, the reason and why. 303 more words


Before I started blogging I wanted to prove what had become obvious to me.

That there are a lot of … illusions out there. Illusions most definately set up by the powers that be, the government, the Illuminati pr whatever takes your preference, to fool us. 1,034 more words

How much for a bottle of water?

I had just drove 60 miles and needed a break so I stopped off at South Mimms Service area of the M25 motorway. I took £1 out of my car to go buy a bottle of water. 122 more words