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Well here is that video I referred to in the last post.

Leaving PC World a big white and fairly new unmarked van pulled up and started wheeling white goods right through PC World’s front door?! 197 more words

Wanna deal, matey?

Well I dunno – it’s all got a bit Barra-Boy spivs smoking tiny cig-ends leaning against lamp posts in the swirling fog.

What is? The process of buying stuff you HAVE TO BUY, here in the UK. 319 more words


Can’t find a dentist? - The Decay of NHS Dentistry.

I, like many people up and down the country, struggled for years to find a NHS dentist taking on new patients. When I lived under Manchester council it was impossible. 514 more words


I know that people should be allowed to make money in a free market led society, but .........

Saw a band play at the Aylesbury Civic Centre a fair few years ago. Just starting out then – Jangling guitar riffs, shirts buttoned up to the neck, floppy fringes masking scowls and bum fluff tashes. 230 more words


Let's Play ...

I had just finished watching a fascinating (and gripping) battle between 40 BARRS and C-ASH in QOTR, when Kit Bisto sauntered into the Library. “Guess who I am.” 214 more words


Rip off Britain rears its ugly head

A charity I’m working with called me yesterday to say that they had just had a call from the telecoms company they have a mobile phone contract with telling them their bill for this month had just gone over £10,000. 700 more words


Pimping The Supplier

“If everyone is forced to show everything, what is the benefit of a supplier paying a commission to a price comparison?”

Er…there isn’t any benefit to the consumer whatsoever.The benefit is entirely to the energy supplier and the pimp they choose to give a back hander to.

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