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Longtime L.L. Bean President And Founder's Grandson Dies At Age 80

The flagship L.L. Bean store in Freeport, Maine doesn’t close. It literally does not have locks on its doors. Yet it’s going to close next weekend during the funeral of the company’s former longtime president and the grandson of founder L.L. 227 more words


Dear Ayah. Rest Peacefully

It’s been 10 days without my dad here. Its hard to accept the fact that my daddy is gone and he’s not coming back. Sometimes I wish I still can phone call and text him as if I’m going to get an answer back. 305 more words

Soulful 35 – Wayne Dyer

Source – attitudes4innovation ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Winfrey: What is the soul? Dyer: The soul is the birthless, deathless, changeless part of us — the part of us that looks out from behind our eyes and has no form. 25 more words


RIP - Dr. Wayne Dyer . . .

On Wednesday, I got an email from my friend Anita, letting me know that Dr. Wayne Dyer had moved on to the next adventure.  In his memory, here is the text of an email that is going around celebrating his contributions to the self-help community. 541 more words


Kenneth John 2.10.1972 - 16.03.2002 RIP

I like to think that most of my “cray cray” issues started with the death of my oldest brother, Kenneth. I now know that I am wrong in saying that, they started LONG before that. 1,688 more words


so sad :-( one of the fathers of horror has left us...

all i can say is that i discovered nightmare on elm street when i was around 10 and ever since i was obsessed with freddy…wes craven was the influence that started my obsession with the genre horror and i still can’t believe he had to leave us. 20 more words


Dear Death~!

A good of friend of mine passed away recently. She was 95 1/2 years old and it wasn’t unexpected, but still death left a mark once again. 627 more words

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