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Today, I performed 4 pieces of poetry in front of my peers. It went better than expected— performance is not something I feel very comfortable with. 482 more words



A good friend messaged me. She told me when she endured her own loss she was told to remember to do three things; eat, wash and get out of bed. 575 more words


The last dream(er)

RIP Bill Rundle/Paul Valliere, you will be missed.

The last dream(er)
By: Star Spider

I picture you:
eyes closed,
facing the long night,
with your head held high. 205 more words


I dreamt about you...

I dreamt about you all night,Then I was awaken rudely by the morning light.

I dreamt that the past few weeks had all been a dream, 124 more words


Brent in Memoriam: Part 1 in a Series

Brent Schleicher  is a dear, true friend of mine.  He was born 17 September 2015.  I don’t believe that friendship dies when someone’s corporeal body ceases to function. 404 more words

Remembering Polly

As the year slowly draws to a close I can’t help but think back a bit to how this year began. It was in January when sweet Polly joined our happy sanctuary family. 39 more words