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The Place I Do Not Rest

I made my way slowly through the aisles with purpose, though what purpose I wasn’t sure. My eyes took in letters which made up words, clothed in different colors. 787 more words


Note Well!

Latin, as I’ve probably mentioned quite a few times by now, has been very generous to the English language. We have many words which have evolved quite directly from Latin, as well as many other words which haven’t changed at all. 372 more words

English Language

Free Spirit WIP -VI-

I was commissioned to do a memorial piece of a beloved pet that passed away recently. I am truly sorry for their loss. I am still familiar with the heartache that accompanies such a tragedy. 176 more words


An Introduction into the wonderful world of Route-Maps, setting the lab

I have to say that going from Distribute-Lists where you are just applying standard ACL’s to Redistribution is like little league softball compared to Route-Map configuration for them. 816 more words


Patriots Day

Terrorists are despicable. They take lives or limbs and create chaos and fear, sometimes in support of twisted ideology, sometimes just for kicks, and always demonstrate a complete lack of humanity. 344 more words


Losing Grandad

I am fortunate enough to have only lost one person in my family. However the day we lost Grandad is such a depressing day that I will never forget. 471 more words


RIP Gene Cernan

Eugene A. Cernan was the last astronaut to walk on the moon as the Commander of the Apollo 17 mission.  Prior to that he also was the Pilot in the Gemini 9 and also the Lunar Module Pilot of Apollo 10.  28 more words