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A Surprisingly Easy Way to Ripen Green Tomatoes!

So raise your hand if you decided it would be a great idea to grow your own tomatoes and you would use them for everything including dinner, canning, and snacks for the kiddos?   1,051 more words


Ripe pickins

Oops, I picked this melon before its time:

In my defense, I didn’t know what it was when it was growing, since I didn’t actually “plant” it.  519 more words

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Ripe Fruit

by Sharon Morrisey, consumer horticulture agent for Milwaukee County

Many summer fruits ripen from July through fall. Summer raspberries (Rubus) are next to ripen after June-bearing strawberries ( 395 more words


Between Midsummer and Autumn - Or The Ripening

It’s July. Things are heating up all over. Nights are sultry and steamy. The full (Hay, Blessing, Buck and Thunder) moon is around the corner. 826 more words

Practical Magic

Passion Fruit Revisited

The passion fruit vine strangling the Japanese maple tree (see Mystery Flower) is a short distance from my house. The other day, the normal, green hue of the bushy vine was dotted with orange. 83 more words

Personal Stories

Preparing Avocados

Avocados are a nutritious food, but few of us know how they’re grown, harvested, or cooked. TrueFood.tv visits a California farm to uncover the amazing story of the avocado — and share the secrets to choosing, ripening and cutting the fruit. 6 more words


Are Your Bananas Turning Brown?

You ever wonder why it seems like your bananas go bad more quickly in a bag or in the fridge? That’s because they do. When bananas and other perishable items like onions and apples are held in an enclosed environment they become riper! 273 more words