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Sonnet on Apples in Late Fall

Along with summer oranges and berries

New warmth brings blossoms from the apple tree,

And from the depths, the season soon carries

An inner sweetness to an airy sea, 80 more words


Surprise Berries!

Blackberry Treasure!

Popped up anew….Ripening

Pinks to dark purple.


Note:  Originally there had been blackberry and raspberry plants growing along the back of our house, and then it seemed in the last two years that those plants had stopped growing and producing – I thought perhaps the location and sunshine (facing east) had some impact – and then I found to my joyful surprise, a few days ago, some new plants had found a home in the front area of the house on their own!   29 more words



It’s so nice to just let the tomatoes ripen on the vine.  I think the Tomato experiment is a success!


'A Christmas Memory'...Day 4

Day 4

…holes poked generously into each cooled loaf

eight cakes ‘dampened with whiskey’ wait on the kitchen table

 to be carefully wrapped (but not before a sample is shared!) 57 more words

Family History

Wise Woman Week at TreeSisters

We have declared this week at TreeSisters to be “Wise Woman Week” in which we are actively inviting the crone archetypal energy to our organizational hearth. 590 more words

Lunar Cycle