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Bag that Green Tomato

The sweet taste of summer was alive and well in our house this week. It’s November and we have no business eating fresh heirloom tomatoes, but there they were bright, shining and sweet. 195 more words


It is quinoa

My Zebulon sunflowers are done blooming and the seeds are very ripe. This is attracting birds who are eating the seeds. So to protect my sunflower crop I made hoods out of some old cloth and wrapped the heads. 93 more words


de-deluding maya and the non dual nothingness in the process of accomplishing

We have to make an important point here since misinterpretations still impact the non dual crowd. It stems from the wrongly interpreted idea of Maya. 377 more words

Day 118: Greening

Today is a greening day. A day for sitting back and watching the fullness arrive. A day for the beginning of ripeness, when the sap sings as it travels, and the roar of fruit coming can be heard. 27 more words

Fresh Mercies Daily

Sonnet on Apples in Late Fall

Along with summer oranges and berries

New warmth brings blossoms from the apple tree,

And from the depths, the season soon carries

An inner sweetness to an airy sea, 80 more words


Surprise Berries!

Blackberry Treasure!

Popped up anew….Ripening

Pinks to dark purple.


Note:  Originally there had been blackberry and raspberry plants growing along the back of our house, and then it seemed in the last two years that those plants had stopped growing and producing РI thought perhaps the location and sunshine (facing east) had some impact Рand then I found to my joyful surprise, a few days ago, some new plants had found a home in the front area of the house on their own!   29 more words