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Tuesday Trends 

High Waist Rip Jeans

Now ripped jeans are nothing new to the trend world neither are high waist jeans/pants. The impact this trend has recently created deserves a spot on my Fave Trend list. 139 more words


Backpacks and knee rip jeans

Two huge trends at the moment – regardless the hemisphere you’re in – are backpacks and knee rip jeans. The reason I love both these trends is that they’re fun to play with when integrating into the rest of your wardrobe. 223 more words


Fashion Students' Legs

My initial idea that these young women would represent all the excitement in the future of fashion was literally ripped apart. At the knees.


in the beginning...

so i have decided to change my pattern into a new direction. i still am not clear on what pattern exactly but i want to do things differently. 576 more words


Ripped Jeans

A trend I am a big fan of at the moment are ripped jeans – they are great for all seasons!

A brand perfect for this trend are One Teaspoon – an Australian jeans brand which I discovered on my travels in February. 98 more words