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Tips for Successful Hulk-Mode

When I was on the path for gains, I realized having that edge makes the difference between success and failure. I tried to do it without any help and although I have great self-discipline, the progress was slow and often non-existent. 431 more words


The Homemade Shake Fitness Models Use to Melt Stubborn Belly Fat

People like to make nutrition really complicated. Count calories! Eat 6 small meals a day! Low fat! Low carb! Atkins!

Forget all of that.

Nutrition is easy! 238 more words

Help Personal Self Development

Ab roller for 6 pack abs

The ab roller is a classic piece of kit but rarely gets used by your average person in the gym. Not only does it hit hit your abs like you’d never believe but it also works your entire core and results in total body strength. 174 more words


Fuck the walk. 

It’s windy avid dark and late.

Gonna have done salmon on ratatouille and call it an early night.


More Tuna goodness. 

No carb cravings yet and I figured out how to cook eggs in a microwave, so happy power protein days!


Obligatory Fat Fuck Pic

Christ, I look like an unplucked turkey.


Day 2 stats 

Not exactly heading in the right direction, but hey, losing fat isn’t like paying off your credit card balance.

It’ll take at least a week to slow my inoxherible bloat.