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Duke Nukem Forever Review

It’s been 20 years since Duke Nukem 3D and as such Gearbox have decided to re-release it. However the Duke Nukem series hit an all time low as far as ratings were concerned with it’s latest installment Duke Nukem Forever. 2,819 more words

Far East Movement Ft. KiD CuDi & Chip Tha Ripper- Ride 4 You

Hip-hop and EDM group Far East Movement’s Ride 4 You, is actually a track not laced with EDM vibes like their popular hit, Like a G6.  30 more words


Latest Reads

Here are some of the great (and not-so-great) books I’ve read lately.

Ripper by David L. Golemon

Jack the Ripper. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. A secret department of the government. 168 more words

Clockwork Vigilantes.

Big Ben strikes midnight. Nobody hears it, for the fog that engulfs it swallows the sound.
A murder of clockwork crows patrol the city gaslights, their tiny, metal feathers clacking as they’re preened. 416 more words


The Psychology Behind Jack The Ripper

Creating a biography for someone whose first name is unknown, their date of birth lost in time and their entire life wrapped in a mystery is a difficult task to achieve. 990 more words


NEWS: The MALACHI Experience featuring DAREN & FRANK MALACHI

The MALACHI Experience featuring DAREN & FRANK MALACHI. Whether it be ripping rifts or pounding thunder THE MALACHI Brothers Daren & Frank deliver another Classic instructional video from the series THE MALACHI EXPERIENCE.  115 more words

Fuck 'n Right