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Great Crime Fighters Together: When the Knights Away, Ancient Evil will Play

The announcement went off well. MacKay was happy to see his frenemy’s wife make the announcement while Rick was still missing. It was what happened in the square after that was shocking for that thing to have left the shadows and strike in mid-day light was not the usual scope. 355 more words

Bionic Knight

Nice Tool To catch a ripper (Method 1) Leveltech

First of all who is a ripper?

Ripper = any scum who fakes about this business and takes money without data being sent to complete sale. 132 more words



Damon x reader

It was Elena’s bday party. You were almost ready to go to Salvatore Boarding House when you heard a knock on the door. 462 more words

Damon Salvatore

SAWBBowl I - An Experiment In Goblins

I suck with goblins.

I don’t know how to play them. Like Undead or Dark Elves, I just don’t really get them.

Still, like the insane Blood Bowl fanatic I am (pun intended), a bunch of us Bristol peeps (including fellow podcaster Nazgob) decided that taking Goblins to the new and shiny SAWBBowl would be a good idea. 969 more words


Bass Project #1: Ibanez 2452DX / Ripper copy (part 1)

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s… wait. What is that?!

Ever wonder what the ‘ugliest’ guitar mod is you’ve ever seen? I think this bass will be quite high on that list… I’m still boggled and confused what happened to this poor instrument, since it seems so random and some parts seem to have been done by a professional while others seem to be more the result of some kind of industrial accident. 579 more words


The photo that terrified me (transfiguration)

Many many years back I had got a new phone and was testing it out and had one of my episodes of weirdness where I was doing stuff in my sleep. 268 more words

Spirit Contact

CA Series Entry 3: Mechanized Land Preparation

In Conservation Agriculture (CA), mechanized land preparation uses different machinery to abide by the pillar of minimal soil disturbance. Namely, it uses an attachment called a ripper. 541 more words