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Brioche, purls, and ripping 

Vanilla Fog by Andrea Mowry is a brioche knitted hat. I’m new to brioche in the round. Needless to say, I’ve ripped it a few times now. 274 more words


Fans Are Ripping The Halo World Championship For Its Shabby Venue

(Source: compete.kotaku.com)

The “overflow” tent for the Halo 5 World Championship. Image credit: Frank.

Competitive Halo’s biggest event of the year is going on right now but some fans are arguing about the venue and how many people are in attendance. 762 more words


Ripping is not as satisfying as knitting: Meribel but this time not in France.

Schoeller and Stahl Meribel – Shades 19 (the teal one) and 4 (the navy one).  I decided to knit this

 Pattern ML181 Love this Cardigan Ravelry.com. 319 more words

Ripping Blu-Ray

Blu-Ray discs require a different approach for ripping than DVDs do for a few reasons.  Mainly in that you need to have Blu-Ray reader in your computer and the size of the content is going to be a lot larger.   241 more words

Ripping DVDs

My tool of choice for my DVD ripping needs is Handbrake.  It is an Open Source tool which supports Windows, Mac OS X or Linux.   341 more words