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In the ripping

In the ripping, there is shedding of skin.
In the tearing, there is a voice of clairty.
Give it up. Everything.

“If you’d only surrender they say” 248 more words

RIP It or SHIP It Tag

Hello everyone! I was tagged to do this by the wonderful Orang-Utan Librarian. Her blog is amazing, so you should definitely go and take a look. 342 more words


Opinion: Insilico Woes

An opinion piece on the SciFi sim Insilico has been widely supported as the scandal surrounding ripping and piracy has affected that historic sim. See the piece here: “Desecreation of a …” (link)


HI HO---Tuesday, March 15 (the Ides of March), 2016

Today is the Ides of March…the Ides of March the date on which Julius Caesar was assassinated in 44 BC. Caesar was stabbed to death at a meeting led by… 273 more words

Life On A Colorado Farm

EAC - Ripping - Archiving Albums

EAC is often used to create an exact copy of a CD which can be stored in a digital media archive or library. The goal is to preserve all information from a CD, such that the CD can be recreated from an archive and or is playable from a library. 135 more words


Cow Check----Thursday, March 10, 2016

The cows are ever so calm.  Terry started working the alfalfa field (he is ripping here) and they didn’t even move. (Shows how much we and Davis’ are with them. 197 more words

Life On A Colorado Farm

The Long Vertical Rip

In building a shop stool, I’ve decided to take the hand tool route for the whole project, including ripping the legs. You can see from the photo how I’ve set it up here but if memory serves correct, I recall seeing a photo of Toshio Odate ripping a rather long slab of wood, with the wood laying on two low saw horses and him standing above it. 127 more words