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Redneck rips a deck of cards in half... with his teeth 'Murica!

Look at how easy he made that seem. This is Steve McGranahan, the world’s strongest redneck.


Whistler extends its spring shred; keep ripping until May 18

Excellent news out of British Columbia today. Whistler Mountain will remain open for skiing (and snowboarding) until May 18, 2015. The resort recently built the new Nintendo terrain park, with thirty features accessible from the T-Bars. 13 more words


In your muggy prehistoric, we roam,
we rage and root up monstrous vegetation.
We converge at roiling waterholes
or in warm seas you call raging. Consider… 73 more words


R is for ripping shaft strips

Ripping is the opposite of cross cutting. Instead of a cut across the board, you are usually making a cut along the length of the board. 333 more words

Two Weeks of Hell(ie) - Biting and Pulling and Tearing, Oh My!

Puppies explore things with their mouths. And given that the very first thing Ellie did when I met her at the RSPCA kennels was clamp her jaws (very gently) around my face, I thought I knew what I was in for. 1,322 more words


Have you ever felt so overwhelmed that you just need to run away from everything?  I’m kinda there.

No, I won’t lie.  I’m REALLY there. 427 more words


I once told my dad that I never loved or hated anyone more than him, which captured the essence of our volatile relationship.  He wanted what he thought was best for me, and I wanted his approval; but I didn’t agree with what he thought, and he didn’t approve.  I miss him.