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IndoVibes Production

Joan Duru ripping it up at Macas early on in the season.

Change the mp3 bitrate for ripping in K3b

I’ve been using K3b successfully (it’s currently at version 2.0.3-r1 in Gentoo Linux) to rip Audio CDs to mp3 files, but despite changing the bitrate to 192 kbps in the ‘K3b Lame Mp3 Encoder’ plugin settings, K3b was still ripping mp3 files at 128 kbps. 234 more words


Ripping Up My Illusory Comfort Zone

EveningĀ All!

This morning I’ve done something that would seem fairly unremarkableĀ and torn up a shed load of paper, but the thing about these bits of paper is that they all had scribblings on that were meant to act as anything from a memory prompt to a full on reminder of many individual things I didn’t want to loose track of or forget. 406 more words


Man Destroyed Kitten By Biting Her And Ripping Her To Pieces! Demand Punishment For The Savage!

Click to sign here. There’s something odd about the link. First it worked and I could sign it. But when I checked in the blog post, it didn’t work. 27 more words


Redneck rips a deck of cards in half... with his teeth 'Murica!

Look at how easy he made that seem. This is Steve McGranahan, the world’s strongest redneck.