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Ripping Blu-Ray

Blu-Ray discs require a different approach for ripping than DVDs do for a few reasons.  Mainly in that you need to have Blu-Ray reader in your computer and the size of the content is going to be a lot larger.   241 more words

Ripping DVDs

My tool of choice for my DVD ripping needs is Handbrake.  It is an Open Source tool which supports Windows, Mac OS X or Linux.   341 more words

Unknown alien ships are ripping commanders out of hyperspace in Elite: Dangerous

(Source: arstechnica.com)

After two years of teases and mysteries, something big started happening to players in space combat sim Elite: Dangerous over the last two days: players traveling in certain regions of space are finding themselves being yanked out of hyperspace and scanned by an enormous, enigmatic alien ship. 507 more words


Music and Money

I’ve decided to write a post today based on an article I found on the BBC about music and syncing, a notion apparently popularised by Sting and his involvement with a Jaguar advert in the year 2000. 618 more words


Letter to Dearest

Here’s to the one who gave me my wings;

I hope you’re fucking happy.

I hope you’re fucking smiling of pure joy up there within the clouds. 1,062 more words

Alex Speak

Toaster Tongs - Gifts / Pinces pour grille-pain - Cadeaux

J’installe ma meilleure lame de scie à refendre.

I’m installing my best ripping saw blade.

Au cas où l’écrou de l’arbre de la scie me glisserait entre les doigts, je glisse toujours mon treillis métallique maison au-dessus de la bouche du dépoussiéreur. 358 more words

Quick Projects / Projets Rapides

Rip Cuts and Table Saws

Looking through old books online I’m constantly reminded of how easy we have it in the 21st Century.  I still remember seeing my grandfather and great-grandfather ripping the occasional board by hand.  170 more words