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I once told my dad that I never loved or hated anyone more than him.  Then I turned around, walked away, and boarded my “hippy” school bus which I had parked at the end of a dead end gravel road by the railroad track not quite one mile from his place.  164 more words

It's The End of February

I’m going to start this post on a totally and completely random note. Saturday was Moose’s 3rd birthday.

He mostly slept and ‘helped’ with laundry, but he did manage to get an inordinate amount of snuggle and hang-out-under-the-covers-sleeping time. 976 more words


Kerfing Plane

So, I recently built a kerfing plane, according to Tom Fidgen’s plans in Unplugged Workshop. I simplified a few things, mostly because I was a bit impatient, but it functions well, and I’m at least able to improve the aesthetic side of things as I use it. 82 more words

Wk 4—Artist Interview—Daniel Rivera

This week I saw an interesting exhibit presented by Daniel Rivera. What initially might not seem like much evolved into this piece of art with some meaning behind it. 330 more words


knitting backwards?

“My Trillian is going very well!”, that’s what I thought… until I found the mistake.

I knitted about 15 stitches instead of doing garter stitches. The part did not stand out that much, but once I saw it, the mistake looks more obvious to me. 162 more words


Black Sea/Black and White

No interest in watching it. There weren’t even many trailers for it in the movies. Sorry guys… Looks good though. I might skip through it when it comes on… 115 more words

The Movies

How to Rip DVD Videos

How to Rip DVD Videos

Posted on February 2, 2015 by Paul Thurrott


While the world has clearly moved on to HD video, many of us still have massive DVD collections and would like to make this content available digitally so that it can be enjoyed on mobile devices and streamed to screens around the home via Plex or similar solutions. 881 more words