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School Forces Students to Pray Islamic Prayers and Make Muslim Prayer Rug


Ron Wagner randomly gave a look at some of his son’s world history homework and found out these words in one of the books: 148 more words


Islamic Political History [Part 1]

I was asked a long time ago to write an article on how different sects emerged in Islam. I wrote a lot and then erased it, at times I felt like the write up wasn`t good enough at others my mentors turned it down. 2,514 more words

Guest Posts

The Prophet Muhammad's Eighty-Six Military Campaigns

The Prophet Muhammad’s Eighty-Six Military Campaigns I recently began rereading David Cook’s excellent work, Understanding Jihad, published by the University of California Press in 2005. 900 more words

Rise and Growth of Islam

The rise of Islam was one of the most remarkable and unexpected events in history. It was originated in the Arabian Peninsula and rapidly spread expanded from Arabia into North Africa, Asia and even Europe. 720 more words

Medieval Church History

Book Reviews: Late Antiquity in Four Books

Guest blogger Joshua Boeyen takes us on a historical journey, through the fall of the Roman Empire and the rise of the Christian Church and Islam, in four books by popular historians Peter Heather, Adrian Goldsworthy and Tom Holland. 3,609 more words