The Art of Rise of the Guardians Review

One of the most underrated films of recent memory is Dreamworks 2012 offering, Rise of the Guardians. Therefore, it should come as no shock the artbook is also underrated and equally excellent. 421 more words


One Can Make a Differnce

(Contains Spoilers – don’t read if you  haven’t seen Rise of the Guardians movie. Unless you don’t care about spoilers because you don’t plan on ever seeing it.) 485 more words

My Life

Can you have an Indian Toothfairy?

I posted this on Tumblr about two weeks ago I think, and the ideas are in line with my previous post about a post-racial fantasy world… 19 more words


Rise of the Guardians Review

Well, I finally decided to do my review on the “Rise of the Guardians” movie (I’m going to avoid using spoilers):

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Possible Guardians of Childhood

Here are a few ideas on possible future Guardians (several of whom are/will be included in my Big Four fanfictions). Enjoy!

Jack O’Leary – (In my head canon, the son of Jack Frost and Rapunzel, artistic and mischievous.) Jack O’Lantern, or less known as Stingy Jack. 1,371 more words


Vlog: Voiceovers Done Right

In which Kendyl goes over the best voiceovers in adaptations and why they were so well executed.

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“Rise of the Guardians” (ROTG) Film Review

Ever wondered what the Boogeyman really looked like? What accent the Easter bunny has? How sandman’s powers worked? This film reveals all of the childhood wonders you had of these mythical creatures that parents told you about at night, and more. 2,908 more words