Lock-In Session 4

Session number 4 was based on the movie Rise of the Guardians. The one with Hugh Jackman playing the Easter Bunny.

The players all played as someone from the movie; Bunny, Santa, Tooth, Sandy, and Jack. 269 more words


Christmas Films - 25-21

25. While You Were Sleeping (1995)

Secretly in love with a stranger, Sandra Bullock pretends to be the man’s fiancé when he is in a coma. 121 more words


Across the Mediums: Rise of the Guardians' Santa Claus

Novels and movies exchange stories all the time, whether it is a film adaptation of a book or novelization of a blockbuster. These aren’t the only mediums to share with each other however. 997 more words


On the 2nd day of Christmas...

Dear Jack Frost,

Where is the snow?! I mean, honestly! It’s already December 2nd. You’ve graced us with snow this holiday season already, dashing it across the front lawn on November 21st, two days before my birthday, which I love! 307 more words


The Whole Tooth (Fairy)

It’s fun when your various worlds meet.

That happened to me two weekends ago at the annual Ten Thousand Villages Fair Trade Show at the Ottawa Mennonite Church (1830 Kilborn Ave). 1,071 more words

Mother's Musings

Christmas Decor: Dreamworks

What would be more fitting than to have Rise of the Guardians Christmas Decorations? But that got me thinking about other Dreamworks movies and I found a lot of other cool ornaments and Christmas Decor to match. 31 more words


Long Beach Comic Con 2015

If there’s one thing I absolutely LOVE about Los Angeles and SoCal in general, are all of the conventions that happen in the summer. By the time Long Beach Comic Con came around I was already on 4th con for the summer. 501 more words

Long Beach Comic Con 2015