Rise Of The Guardians ***(Out of 4)

Consensus: “Rise Of The Guardians” is not going to become a holiday classic but it is a visually dazzling ride with a few laughs along the way.

Rise Of The Guardians

Book Review Tuesday (4/25/17)-Gossamer

Hey everyone! I hope you guys have had an AWESOME April! I have-I mean COME ON. THE LAST JEDI TRAILER CAME OUT!!!!! *happy squealing* I got Rogue One for Easter too, and I just re-watched it on Sunday!!! 228 more words

Book Review Tuesday

Symbolism Bonus: Rise of the Guardians

This bonus post is a follow-up to the Over the Garden Wall Symbolism post. Because it is a follow-up, this entry will not delve as deeply into explaining what symbolism is. 451 more words


208 Print Week 15/01/2016

Hi Gang!

This week we have been given the task of creating a selection of prints that we could sell on our print website. I have followed on from what I was doing last Friday and created more quote prints: 63 more words

Fandom Scavenger Hunt Giveaway!

Now that The Reluctant Dreamer has released in both ebook and paperback format, I figured it was time to celebrate with a giveaway!

Timothy and I are fandom nerds sometimes. 239 more words


You're My Guardian Ch.1 (Jack Frost X Reader)

(This takes place before the events of the movie)

 My phone went off, the vibration shaking my pillow. I let out a long grumble and reach around under my pillow for the stupid thing. 1,905 more words


Jack Frost (V1)

Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians

Artist is ainoreth

source and download HERE

Shimeji-ee Download HERE