You're My Guardian Ch.1 (Jack Frost X Reader)

(This takes place before the events of the movie)

 My phone went off, the vibration shaking my pillow. I let out a long grumble and reach around under my pillow for the stupid thing. 1,905 more words


Jack Frost (V1)

Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians

Artist is ainoreth

source and download HERE

Shimeji-ee Download HERE


The Worst Nightmare Ever Created

It was dark.

It was scary.

He couldn’t see anything.

He loved it.

But that was all for about half a second. Then… Then he opened his eyes. 1,273 more words

Short Story

Sketch cards: I hate winter

I think spring needs to come the day after Christmas, but no, we have to wait for 2-3 more months for the cold and depression to beat us down for a while so we can appreciate springtime or something. 62 more words

Fan Art

New 2017 ver. of Jack Frost doll / Rise of the Guardians

Remember my just-after-Christmas note? I mentioned about Jack Frost order I’ve got also this year – so here he is! :-)
Seriously – time is best teacher – I see improvement, even if my client wanted him to be as close to first one as possible :-) It was also so much fun to sew everything by machine finally   <3  even if I know my hand-sewing skill was mastered for years, I always feel better when sewing knits with sewing machine / serger due to high tensions this type of textile must handle. 105 more words

Mattel OOAK Dolls

Dolly archives: Jack Frost doll / Rise of the Guardians - Jackson Jekyll OOAK repaint [12.2015]

And it is THIS time of the year again :-) Between  Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebration, when you live on leftovers and drinks ;-) and there is no such thing as spare free time… Well, in my case for sure  this is a pattern. 119 more words

Mattel OOAK Dolls

The Sound of Christmas | The Music, The Spirit and the Magnificent

You know that time of the year, when suddenly jingle bells (the actual thing…and that damn song) started appearing in every shopping mall you visit? The television channels starts to air cheesy Christmas-themed comedies and cartoons every 7pm (I think this is the 9th year in a row I remember seeing… 1,191 more words