7. Long & Dark

“Nico!” Jason was the first one on the scene, immediately engaging the Boogie Man. Bolt after bolt of lightning tore through nightmare after nightmare as the two dueled it out, until waves of snow and ice rammed into the foray. 1,128 more words

Heroes Of Olympus

6. The Boogie Man

Nico noticed it in the snow first, it looked darker than before, and the darkness seemed to be moving. His eyes widened as he realized exactly what was happening. 1,764 more words

Heroes Of Olympus

5. A Dash of Fun

When Nico’s eyes fluttered open, he realized with a start just how quiet everything was. He slowly crawled out of the bed and tiptoed to the window. 2,062 more words

Heroes Of Olympus

4. In the Spotlight

“It happened in broad daylight?” Clovis glanced between the visitors before his eyes lingered on Nico. The group nodded simultaneously, and grimly. “This is more serious than I realized, he really is determined to get you in his power. 1,130 more words

Heroes Of Olympus

3. Jack and Peter

Nico peered at the two strange-looking boys, one stranger than the other. The older one had white hair with ice blue eyes and pale skin while the younger one had golden blond hair with grey-green eyes and a nice tan. 1,594 more words

Heroes Of Olympus

2. Nightmare Intensity

“Nico, Nico!” Someone was shaking him. He squeezed his pillow harder. Pillow? His eyes snapped open and rolled over with a yelp, right off the bed. 1,819 more words

Heroes Of Olympus

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