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Rise & Shine Review Discussion | The Words About Gamescast Ep. 53 (Part 3)

Russell reviews 2D action platformer Rise & Shine for PC.

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Abundant Love Project comes to OKC, learn how to make "love stones"

OKLAHOMA CITY – People need love, compassion and positive words on ALL the days, not just Valentines Day.

The Abundant Love Project is a global community of compassion that was founded through Deborah DeLisi’s loss.  205 more words

Freedom 43


She watched as the brilliant sky opened up before Her…

A new day.
A new beginning.

Full of promise…
possibilities and inspiration.

High Five to Your Triumph! 17 more words


Rise & Shine Review - The Mushroom Kingdom Massacre

Rise & Shine takes place on the very meta land of GameEarth, where everything is based on video game tropes in one way or another. This tongue-in-cheek adventure features a young boy, Rise, who suddenly finds himself in control of the fate of GameEarth after receiving the mythical pistol Shine. 859 more words

Xbox ONE Reviews

Infinite Respawns / Rise & Shine #1

Infinite Respawns

Link, erm, his likeness may or may not die a gruesome, terrible death in this first episode of Rise & Shine. Hope you guys enjoy it!


Rise & Shine Review

The colourful and challenging run and gun from Adult Swim will keep you entertained for the weekend but it’s nothing to write home about – so far. 552 more words


New Year Magic

“Now, I simply awaken to my days with a knowing that the universe always supports our highest good.” – Te’

High Five to Your Triumph! 15 more words