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Siddhis, Riddhis and Mystical Experiences

It has become quite popular nowadays to speak about mystical experiences and “siddhis”. Most yoga and meditation groups speak of them, along with other esoteric blabber such as the raising of kundalini, opening of chakras, and other things which no one has actually experienced. 4,275 more words


Do we need religion? - Maria Wirth

We don’t need a religion which tells us what to believe but prohibits us to question. We don’t need a religion which insists without any proof that the whole world must follow it. 561 more words

Abrahamic Religions

Experiments and Science

Are costly experiments and complex tools necessary to understand Nature?

We can define Science as the body of knowledge that mankind acquired in their quest to understand the Nature and Creation. 619 more words

Science With Sense

What India Can Teach Us

HERE IS ONE POST THAT MAKES US THINK. Many Westerners have studied Indian philosophy and spiritualism deeply and considered India their spiritual motherland. He brought back to me memories of a book I cam across in the 1960s, ‘ 1,665 more words

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