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How Did “The Seven” Shape Human History? (4)

Part Four:  The Sapta Rishis, Matrikas, and Divine Women of the East

If the deluge of latter-day Atlantis washed over Asia the same way it did Europe some 12,000 years ago (if it wasn’t just a localized event like a… 1,693 more words

Dharma declaring its authority by itself is Upanishads

The Upanishadic rishis are declaring, Upanishads are declaring….. I should not even use the word “Upanishadic rishis are declaring”. No! “Upanishads are declaring”! Dharma declares its authority by itself is Upanishads. 80 more words


Indian Pursuit of Scientific Temper: The dumbing down of Hindu civilization - Rajiv Varma

“A word of caution. We all stop thinking and articulating in speech and writing words and phrases like ‘false realm of mythology.’ It is absolutely Romilla Thapar. 888 more words


The Upanishads demystified by Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Start the New Year with the Upanishads revealed from Akashik Readings

a gift Paramahamsa Nithyananda is offering to Humanity.

He is not interpreting He is intercepting the Upanishads and demystifies them.

Paramahamsa Nithyan

Help from the Rishis

Mr. Manish Gajjar, a Meditator on The Saptarishis Path, under the Guidance of Guruji Krishnananda shares the strength and healing he received while undergoing a surgical operation: 86 more words

Divine In The Mundane

Perform tarpan

Question: – Why does one perform tarpan (water oblations) in this period to our ancestors?

Answer: – The followers of Sanathan Dharma (Hindus) express their gratitude and devotion by offering oblations of water (Tarpan) in memory of their ancestors. 97 more words


Nothing Changes/All is Flux

Objects seem solid

are made up of
wriggling strings
an optical delusion
in the dream
of Maya
3000 years ago
the Rishis said that… 41 more words