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ON THE DIFFERENCE - Between Morals & Ethics

Hi guys,

Well, here’s my next video which is also from yesterday, still talkin’ ’bout the abortion equation hah ;0)  It’s gonna be awhile ;0P… 372 more words


My New "No Holds Barred" Blog - On Suicide

The other day one of my best friends attempted to commit suicide. I won’t get into deets out of respect for his privacy. (But I feel like this blog works better when it’s “no holds barred” honesty!) 785 more words

The Battle Rages On - Constant Warrior

Floundering in the dark

searching for the light

Scattered thoughts disgorge

from a miasmic mind

too burdened to contain them

emotions escape through tears

Unrestrained anxiety… 68 more words


That Personal Nemesis

Hi fine people of this earth. Quick question, what do y’all think of Siri? I asked my dearest Siri ‘Search for Mountain Ararat’, and he (I chose a male voice…can’t have a female voice in my head and on my phone too) promptly replied, 669 more words


Try to remember far back in your young life when something presented itself at that time that appeared to be the end of the world as we understood it as kids do. 799 more words