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Stay My Master

μένω – (Greek) v. to stay

ῥαββί – (Greek) n. my master, teacher

Inspired by Psalm 23, today’s message and drawing is a call to ourselves to keep our eyes on our master and teacher, our rabbi. 186 more words


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So I’ve got this ‘rising above’ thing all wrong.

It’s not about staying quiet and elegant: it’s about remaining above the ugly fray.

So while I’ve always enacted it like this: 225 more words

Pieces of Me

In writing about my deepest fear and my darkest thoughts – I am hoping to yield a cleansing of my inner self…

I have never been one to dwell. 940 more words

...Judge Me Not...

This post is an extremely personal one for me. I am both sickened and saddened by the influx of hatred on my newsfeed every day! Not necessarily geared towards myself or loved ones…it’s just  871 more words

An invitation to My Followers old and new

Many of my friends may not realise I write Poetry !!!! , I have for many years on WordPress . It is now time I feel to show you all my work. 80 more words


Freeing Myself of the Pain

What most people do not realize is that I, C. Desert Rose, am only human. Today, I’ve opted to share my pain with you, as I’ve made it my mission to free myself of it all. 1,169 more words


What I Know for Sure About the Healing Journey.

Learning how to tune in, and not check out, is vital to healing. Whether it be a loss, trauma, a negative experience or just a bad day, your own willingness to heal, learn and evolve is the most potent drug on the market. 1,126 more words

Don't Take Life Too Serious.