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Edward Snowden's talk on internet security and digital freedom

Since the Edward Snowden affair internet security, freedom of information and government surveillance have all been brought into question. This TED talk given by Snowden shares some important insights into data privacy in an age of advanced surveillance strategies and technologies, that perhaps have only now begun to appear in the spotlight where they have been scrutinised by the media, governments and general public. 108 more words


Noam Chomsky on surviving the 21st century

A great talk given by Professor Noam Chomsky at Durham University on a range of topics having to do with ‘survival in the 21st century’. One of the most well-known public intellectual speakers in the world today, Chomsky has made significant contributions to linguistics, philosophy, politics and various other fields. 78 more words

Hazards And Risks

New scholarships offered for MSc/MA Programmes in Risk

IHRR in conjunction with Collingwood College, is offering new scholarships for the Risk Masters.

The scholarships, made possible thanks to a generous donation from a Durham alumnus, are open to applicants commencing their studies in 2014 and who are wishing to study one of the courses below: 433 more words

Hazards And Risks

The Cold after the Summer of Snowden

Dr Philip Garnett, a researcher on the Tipping Points project, reports on the 30th Chaos Communications Congress he attended in Hamburg, Germany in December that addressed topical issues such as mass surveillance, the future of the Internet and the Snowden affair. 945 more words

Call for Papers: Calculative Devices in the Digital Age

Department of Geography, Durham University, 21-22 November 2013

Keynote speakers (tbc): Prof. Pat O’Malley (Sydney)   Prof. Marieke de Goede (Amsterdam)   Prof. Rita Raley (UCSB)

The… 354 more words


Developing Strategies for Community Resilience in Newcastle

Cities are often resilient places.  They can endure hazardous weather, crime, poverty, financial crises or even terrorist attacks, and yet still manage to bounce back.  At their backbone are networks of people dedicated to public safety who prepare for disasters if they were to occur.   2,969 more words

Hazards And Risks

'Risk-based' airport security

Anyone who has been through airport security in the US before and after 11 September 2001 knows how it has transformed politically, socially and technologically.  Other countries, especially the UK, have fallen suit using similar scanning and surveillance technologies in large international airports… 998 more words