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Edward Snowden's talk on internet security and digital freedom

Since the Edward Snowden affair internet security, freedom of information and government surveillance have all been brought into question. This TED talk given by Snowden shares some important insights into data privacy in an age of advanced surveillance strategies and technologies, that perhaps have only now begun to appear in the spotlight where they have been scrutinised by the media, governments and general public. 108 more words


Event - Food, Science and Politics: The Role of GM in Food Security

Friday, 31 January, 7.30 PM at the Star and Shadow Cinema, Newcastle

In a world stressed by climate change and population growth, the issue of GM crops is again rising to the top of the socio-political agenda. 128 more words


The Cold after the Summer of Snowden

Dr Philip Garnett, a researcher on the Tipping Points project, reports on the 30th Chaos Communications Congress he attended in Hamburg, Germany in December that addressed topical issues such as mass surveillance, the future of the Internet and the Snowden affair. 945 more words

GM Technology and Food Security Film-led Discussion Event

As concerns about global food security are on the rise, there are many questions as to how the world will face growing demands for a sustainable food supply. 269 more words

Hazards And Risks

GMFuturos: The social and cultural contexts of GM technology

GM food is perhaps one of the most controversial topics in the history of science and technology.  Genetically-modified foods have been restricted by some countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America, but have also been accepted by others within the same regions such as Brazil, China, Spain and India, and are widespread… 396 more words


Governing geoengineering

Governing scientific and technological innovations is tricky business.  This is primarily due to the presence of uncertainty, the risks that society must face if it chooses to intervene using methods that could either have damaging consequences, fail entirely or both.  2,053 more words


Ecological impacts of Deepwater Horizon oil spill

The long-term ecological impacts of the BP oil spill disaster may have recently come to light after scientists and fishermen have discovered fish and crustaceans with skin lesions or other abnormalities.  870 more words

Hazards And Risks