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How to get to Wall Street, and not end up on Wallow Way

Brace yourselves this isn’t one of my shorter pieces, but it’s a must-read. Investing, it can be pretty daunting for first timers there is a lot to sift through and a lot to learn. 1,648 more words

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Risk-appetite reimagined

I semi-changed my mind on risk appetite. Separate risk appetite statements are still stupid (because there is a better way), but despite that risk appetites should be calculated. 44 more words

Risk Management

Considering Safety - its all in the preparation

Anyone who knows me is probably aware that as each year fades, I embark on a massive clean, to prepare the house for the Bells. As far as I’m aware, it’s a tradition from the North East of Scotland; everything is supposed to be finished. 732 more words

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The Global Cycle Has Further To Run

News this past week:

• Oil prices rose 2% on the week with Brent at USD 53.9
• Gold rose 1.9 % to 1347, its third week of gains… 215 more words

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Why Should Small Financial Institutions Perform Compliance Risk Assessments?   

The concept of risk assessments is often associated with large banks and financial institutions – but it shouldn’t be.  Oftentimes, the ugly truth about risk assessments is that they are prepared specifically to meet a regulatory requirement and not much more.   1,595 more words

The whole concept of risk-appetite is total nonsense

The concept of risk-appetite has been around for years, yet so many risk practicioners still find themselves confused and unsure how to quantify, formalise and document it. 581 more words

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Not taking risk is the riskiest proposal

The question is not whether to take risk, but how much and no more!

And that amount is a function of your appetite.

The world has become so interesting because many of our ancestors decided to do things that were ‘risky’, or even outright outrageously ‘improbable’ and ‘uncertain’! 9 more words