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Berkshire Hathaway Risk Appetite

“we are far more conservative in avoiding risk than most large insurers. For example, if the insurance industry should experience a $250 billion loss from some mega-catastrophe – a loss about triple anything it has ever experienced – Berkshire as a whole would likely record a significant profit for the year because of its many streams of earnings.

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Enterprise Risk Management

Guaranteed returns & Guarantee of life

In this world of uncertainty where life do not has guarantee, people aspire for guaranteed returns. The recent posts done on my blog pertains to are… 524 more words

Behavioral Finance

Risk Appetite decoded

The heavy rains we received in the first week of January really wreaked havoc both on and off the roads, with latest figures showing that at least 10 people tragically lost their lives due to the flooding. 825 more words

Enterprise Risk Management

Investment Risk Appetite

Risk is inevitable when you invest; the truth is the key to investing is managing it. When you avail an investment deal or product always expect that financial agents will bombard you with sound rewards while, whether intentionally or not, leaving the risks behind.

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Roller Coaster or Carousel, which one will you ride?

As a child, ridding a carousel is one of the things we look forward to going to an amusement park. Growing older our desire for risk grows alongside and our excitement lean towards roller coaster. 779 more words

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14 - What can a culture survey, an organisational self assessment, and your Executive’s risk appetite tell you?

In local government, we like to survey our culture and develop plans to move from the current culture to the preferred culture. It is a very idealistic exercise. 422 more words


Is Now The Time To Invest In Iraq?

By Daniel Workman

“Iraq looks more promising today than it did last year.”

Excuse me for looking at the above quote with a healthy dose of skepticism. 814 more words