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Quantitative projection methods

Quantitative projection methods serve to process data and figures from the past, so that statements for the future can be made. In other words these methods are dealing with an extrapolation of past trends into the future, on the basis of gathered figures like, for example, distribution numbers of a certain product. 76 more words

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The Iron Law at Volkswagen

So Michael Horn, VW’s US CEO has made a “sincere apology” for what went on at VW.

And like so many “sincere apologies” he blamed somebody else. 735 more words

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Risk Management for Your Career Success

You might be familiar with the concept of risk management, which is a frequent topic of conversation in businesses. However, you might not have considered how this concept could be applied to your career management, including job searches and career changes. 601 more words

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First thoughts on VW's emmissions debacle

It is far too soon to tell exactly what went on at VW, in the wider motor industry, within the respective regulators and within governments. 860 more words

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FIFA and the Iron Law of Oligarchy

In 1911, Robert Michels embarked on one of the earliest investigations into organisational culture. Michels was a pioneering sociologist, a student of Max Weber. In his book Political Parties he aggregated evidence about a range of trade unions and political groups, in particular the German… 904 more words

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Much in the UK press this week about alleged personal injuries from what has been described as “toxic air” in aircraft. Contamination of cabin air with, perhaps, organophosphates from the engines, either ambiently or during “fume events”, is alleged to cause ill health both in air crew and passengers. 1,413 more words

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