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First thoughts on VW's emmissions debacle

It is far too soon to tell exactly what went on at VW, in the wider motor industry, within the respective regulators and within governments. 860 more words

Operational Excellence

FIFA and the Iron Law of Oligarchy

In 1911, Robert Michels embarked on one of the earliest investigations into organisational culture. Michels was a pioneering sociologist, a student of Max Weber. In his book Political Parties he aggregated evidence about a range of trade unions and political groups, in particular the German… 904 more words

Operational Excellence


Much in the UK press this week about alleged personal injuries from what has been described as “toxic air” in aircraft. Contamination of cabin air with, perhaps, organophosphates from the engines, either ambiently or during “fume events”, is alleged to cause ill health both in air crew and passengers. 1,413 more words

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Health Canada Begins Publishing Information Regarding Emerging Issues

As part of Health Canada’s ongoing commitment to openness and transparency, the Department recently began publishing information regarding emerging issues identified through the drug inspection program. 216 more words

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Proposition 65

I had break from posting following my recent family vacation to California. While I was out there I noticed this rather alarming notice at a beach hotel and restaurant in Santa Monica. 874 more words

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How to Build and Use a Risk Register

From Harry Hall at www.pmsouth.com

Project managers constantly think about risks, both threats and opportunities. What if the requirements are late? What if the testing environment becomes unstable? 569 more words

Enterprise Risk Management

Strategic Tools for Disaster Risk Reduction: Seminar regarding to Risk Identification and Early Warning through Advanced Technologies

The development process does not necessarily reduce vulnerability to natural hazards. Instead, it can unwittingly create new forms of vulnerability or exacerbate existing ones, impeding efforts to reduce poverty and promote growth, sometimes with tragic consequences. 747 more words