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Studies: Getting a handle on two comp cost drivers: motor vehicle accidents and claim denials

Limiting motor vehicle accident costs

In its 2018 Driver Safety Risk Report, Motus, a Boston-based vehicle management and reimbursement platform, estimates that about 40 percent of vehicle accidents are work-related, while 53 percent of vehicle crash injuries cause employees to miss work, costing employers $56.7 billion in 2017. 736 more words

Not Sure The IRS Agrees With a Tax Position Your Company Has Taken? Here is a Solution

I recently read that Illinois Tool Works (ITW) prevailed in a case against the IRS.  The IRS challenged that a loan from ITW’s foreign subsidiary to its parent company was a nontaxable return of capital as ITW contended.  420 more words


What is meant when a person is said to be “judgment proof”?

Basically, a person is said to be “judgment proof”, when the value of their interests in property is lower than a certain amounts, designated by law, as being too low to allow it to be taken by judicial order in order to settle the person’s debts. 376 more words


Michael Quinn, former Kaiser Manager: Reverse Mentoring Benefits

Michael Quinn, the former Director of Risk Management at Kaiser Permanente, has dedicated much of his career to coaching and mentoring others. While Michael Quinn kaiser… 210 more words

Michael Quinn Kaiser

Insecure Smart City Systems Could Threaten Public Safety

By Marilia Wyatt, CyberPrivacy

Smart city technology is being built without basic security protections and rolled out globally in cities with vulnerabilities that could enable attackers to take control of systems to manipulate data and significantly compromise public safety, security researchers say. 582 more words


The Alchemy of Risk

Here is a recurring theme from this blog: “risk can never be destroyed, it can only be transformed and laid off on someone else.”

Or, in the words of the late, great Marty Whitman: “someone has to pay for lunch, and I don’t want it to be me.” 520 more words


Common Security Dos and Don’ts

Security vulnerabilities pose a major threat to organizations. Breaches can be costly both in terms of finances and reputation. So what are some ways that businesses can take initiative in protecting themselves against some of the most common security threats? 336 more words