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There's No Shelf Life For It

I have a thing for Mikhail Baryshnikov.

A friend turned me on to him in college and I haven’t been turned off since. Before we go further, some basics: … 278 more words

Poppy's Precious Pit

Golden swirling warmth

Lightens head and eases pain

Comfort, but danger


Yes You Can! 4 Steps to Empowerment

Feeling stuck? Still living at home? Can’t get the job you want? Not getting ahead at work? Lacking control over your life? Millennials, this post is especially for you. 376 more words


What is going on here?

The Kramer is Now blogspot asks if we should install a discipline of study under the heading “what the hell is going on here?” or “WTF”? 352 more words

Blogging About Divorce - The Legal Gamble

Understandably, my attorney is concerned blogging about my journey may hurt me or my divorce case.  Blogging may pose a risk to my divorce case. She’s right. 547 more words

Building the Risk Register step by step

We looked at the basics of a Risk Register including all the attributes involved in my last post – Basics of a Risk Register. At the end of the post we mentioned that the most important artifact/tool of Risk Management, the Risk Register gets built step-by-step. 311 more words

Project Management

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

This is a topic that I am not so good with, in some cases .. comfort zone.

When it comes to fitness I am ok with pushing myself way outside of my comfort zone because I walk in with that confidence that I can successfully do so. 190 more words