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How To Do Something You've Never Done Before

Have you ever felt the urge to try something that you’ve never done before?

Maybe you’ve never skateboarded a meter in your life, but you want to try it… 1,385 more words


April 23rd National Take A Chance Day

Most of us are very cautious about what we do. We choose what we think will work, or know will work, playing it safe so we are not disappointed with the results. 167 more words

April Holidays

Hand luggage: Never do this one thing with electronic items - you risk serious trouble

Flights always require plane passengers to pass through airport security before they’re allowed to board an aircraft. Hand luggage is checked at this stage – and travellers have to make sure they stick to any cabin baggage rules. 13 more words


Silent Judges

They speak plainly but with a certain authority underlying their words. They watch your eyes and every response. Whatever you say may affect your chances; the rewards for risk are great. 7 more words


Side effect

It was one of those nights
where the phone
and the distractions
couldn’t drain from me
the sharp ache of a feeling
I have no name for. 231 more words

365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Dreams/Wishes/Hopes/Future


Day 12

What big change would you like to make to your life?

My level of success is everything I want to do in life and how far I want to go in making myself more successful financially, mentally, physically and spiritually — with a good balance of challenges and risk but all in making me a better person each step of the way.

365 Day Self Discovery Challenge (2018)

Failure To Thrive: Predicting Interruption In Academic Progress Using A Growth Chart Metaphor

At Risk Students:  Early identification of students who may be at risk for interrupted academic progress (i.e., having to repeat a course, an entire academic year or facing dismissal) is essential for professors, learning specialists, and those in academic affairs. 218 more words

Undergraduate Medical Education