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Traffic flow models: merging GIS and ABM

The official name of our department at the University of Salzburg reads a bit cumbersome: Interfaculty Department of Geoinformatics. Now, there is an administrative reason for this (for details have look at our… 1,216 more words


What's Life... If you don't LIVE it??!

Work has been rough the past few months and recently I’ve really been wanting to just get away from it all. Both my girlfriend and I have been under immense stress and all we wanted to do was press the OFF button… So, I did a little research and found a quiet getaway close by in Missouri… We were able to make our quick escape and spend 3 whole days relaxing at a bed and breakfast, and enjoying nature… 275 more words

The Most Extraordinary Pie

You are sitting in a cozy room in an easy chair and there’s a table across the room.  And on this table there’s a piece of pie. 273 more words


God Strengthens Those He Calls

This year I’ve learned that when God asks us to do something, He provides the strength to do it.

It was hard to uproot myself and move to a new place a year ago, but the JFA team welcomed me with open arms and helped me to transition into this season of my life.

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Breakup Formula

There’s always a risk that needs to be taken when you fall in love, a blind leap of faith out there into a realm of unpredictably.   68 more words

Selling Selves for a Dime

Selling selves for a Dime The soul is still alive Awakening us for a while

to remind us that we need to work because it is necessity but we need to be Awakened because it is our requirement… 311 more words

Innocence #30 - Risk

These risks that I’m taking
They give me a thrill
A rush of adrenalin
Going in for the kill

It’s the spice of the moment… 40 more words