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Risk Management Approaches

This is a study where we attempt to explore different dimensions of risk that a consumer of any service or product may face over an interaction between the service / product vendor / provider and the consumer. 1,529 more words

Information Modeling

Antifragile: How to survive in an uncertain world

Many of our experiences are unpredictable and radically changed by rare events. Although our conventional thinking is useful for maintaining the status quo, it is unable to anticipate or cope with  unprecedented events . 78 more words

Somebody had to try it

My breakfasts tend to be of the basic cereal and milk variety. It’s quick, convenient, and requires very little thought. (My go-to is Kellogg’s Special K Protein with Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk.) Earlier this week I ran out of Special K and was challenged to leave my boring breakfast rut. 450 more words


Performance vs. Process

Well, this is what I was trying to avoid- dead air. Sorry, everyone.

I think that it would be worthwhile to post a video that covers the performance/process dichotomy that I’m wrestling with in pottery class. 75 more words

Slice Of Life

Victor Niederhoffer.

Let’s start off with this video.

It’s hard not to feel sorry for the man in the video. But who is he?

Cruelly (and appropriately) nicknamed “The Blowup artist”, in this… 474 more words