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Proof of funds for cryptocurrency custody: revisiting trust assumptions (part V)

Trust assumptions revisited

Purely cryptographic approaches to proving solvency are constrained by an ambitious dual mandate: achieve full public verifiability and guarantee full privacy for custodian assets. 952 more words


to map out what happens if you fail

And see if worst-case scenario is really as bad as you think it is …

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Eggs During Pregnancy: Benefits, Risks And Ways To Include It In Your Diet

Eggs are among the few things that most people consider when it comes to healthy eating, for they contain all the essential nutrients including proteins, fats, and minerals. 1,002 more words


Is Larry Cook an International Threat to Pharma?

Larry Cook?

An International threat to Pharma?

Does Larry Cook really think that he needs bodyguards because Big Pharma is coming for him?

Your first thought on seeing this was likely “Larry who?,” right? 279 more words

Vaccine Misinformation

When it comes to taking risks, many choose rather to watch it from the sideline than to participate. This is because taking risks walks hand in hand with coming out of that comfort zone. 1,308 more words


Proof of funds for cryptocurrency custody: public verifiability (part IV)

"part III]

Zero-knowledge proofs

Borrowing on a principle from blockchain ideologues that that trusted intermediaries introduce vulnerabilities, we can instead fallback on a purely cryptographic approach to constructing a proof of solvency. 1,444 more words


Blog Post #4 - Risks of Social Media in the Workplace

There are many risks involved with giving employees free reign of social media. A good way to manage this is by incorporating a good social media policy with do’s and don’ts related to social media. 321 more words