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Health Effects of Being Overweight or Obese

In June 2017 an article by the New England Journal of Medicine was released analyzing the health risks of obese and overweight individuals in 195 countries over 25 years. 202 more words


Wannacry: ransomware as diversionary tactic?

Digging into motives

It is conventional wisdom in information security that precise attribution for successful digital attacks is very difficult difficult. Concealing the source of malware is much easier than say the launch point of an ICBM, and sophisticated attackers can engage in false-flag operations to frame innocent bystanders for their actions. 2,187 more words


The Fifth Option in Risk Treatment

For decades, risk management frameworks have cited the same four risk treatment options: accept, mitigate, transfer, and avoid. There is, however, a fifth option that some organizations select: i… 121 more words


Floating Epiphany

Notandum: a thing to be observed or noticed

Oh no, her lips are pursed!

Her body language looks like she’s not interested and already has some defenses to make. 575 more words

What Are Plans?

I used to think I had my whole life figured out. One of my biggest faults is that I don’t like not knowing, but I have learned that not knowing is okay. 379 more words

Health Risks Caused By Belly Fat from SG Beauty Blog

#Health is what matters the most and living a constant healthy life is nothing less than a long term commitment. Some of us just turn our eyes shut to this very concerning issue. 40 more words

Punitive vs. Preventive

Each business comes with a lot of your risk and this is true for any business including yours. The best way to mitigate risks is by identifying them and putting policies and procedures that will help you manage your risks. 262 more words

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