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Superman studying

“Time to take my superman pill,” *Luke says with a gleam in his eyes. He saunters off towards the bathroom of the library, with a tiny clear plastic packet in his grip. 469 more words

My Story

Bipolar Happy - ADHD and Ritalin

I’ve been on Ritalin for several months and I have to say that I’ve really noticed my ability to concentrate has increased. But not enough. I’ve been having trouble driving and reading for example. 178 more words


Die große Ritalin-Lüge ist die beste Einnahmequelle der Pharmakonzerne

Ritalin oder andere Generika (alle mit dem Wirkstoff Methylphenidat) werden eingesetzt, um das “angeblich” vorhandene AD(H)S zu “bekämpfen”. Auch unter Zappel-Phillip-Syndrom bekannt. Medikinet ist ebenfalls dafür bekannt. 1,098 more words

Bipolar - My Dog and My Brain

Training young dogs is exhausting.

She tests my ability to slow down (I have ADHD) and be patient (with my dog Bailey). It takes time and the ability to learn. 181 more words


Thomas Szasz, Brief Bio, and Potent Zingers

Szasz, Thomas: Reason Magazine, Curing the Therapeutic State
Born in Budapest in 1920, he immigrated to the United States in 1938 and attended the University of Cincinnati, where he majored in physics as an undergraduate and earned an M.D. 352 more words

Damaged Children: Ross

Ross isn’t understood by his family.

They think he’s got mental health problems.

His mother told me how much work he is, and how worried she is about him. 923 more words


Psychoanalytische Erklärungsmodelle zu ADHS - meine Meinung dazu!

ADHS ist eine sehr komplexe neurologische Störung. Sie wird nicht durch eine bildgebendes Verfahren, etwa einer Computer Tomografie oder einem Hirnstrommessung festgestellt sondern über die Symptome. 517 more words