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Things You Do On Speed

the bump of a scar

on the bottom of my thumb,

near my palm,

where I tried to chew

my way to freedom

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Season 1, Episode 7, "Basketball Diaries"

In this episode Degrassi cover’s prescription drug abuse. Any episode title that has the word Diaries in it automatically means it’s one of those “special” episodes. 1,847 more words


The heavy yet wonderful price of ADHD.. with some added benefits..

UNRULY! NAUGHTY! TROUBLED CHILD! UNCONTROLLABLE , I’ve heard this many times throughout my childhood! Well no THANK YOU SIR/MADAM!

As a child I started to become conscious of my own behaviour around 12, I was diagnosed at 7 years with ADHD. 599 more words


Jailhouse Rock (Part One)

The first thing you learn in jail is that nobody thinks they belong there.

Either their homeboy or homegirl set them up, the cops have it out for them, or they simply shouldn’t be tried for the crime they just committed. 1,106 more words


"What was that again??"

These seizures lasted throughout my grade school years and even into my high school years. By the time I reached high school, they were not full-blown. 187 more words


"Those Ritalin Kids"

Yesterday afternoon there was a party at my son’s daycare. The theme was a farm, and it was super fun, from songs and old McDonald, to milking a cow, and petting a goat. 480 more words

Single Mom



Tentative optimism.

Shame for yesterday’s blog outburst.

Last evening I lay next to my husband, envisioning/playing out in my head the conversation were I to try and communicate the myriad emotions of the day… 144 more words

Checking In