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The truth about ADHD

ADHD is always a popular topic … and an apoplexic topic. Any mention of ADHD seems to induce everyone within ear-shot to uncontrollably expectorate their half-baked opinion on the subject, like the Tourette’s syndrome of ignorance. 1,587 more words


where are you hiding??

i wrote a pretty decent post at the laundromat and went to attach a pic and ugh gone.

not the first, prolly not last time. so Monday afternoon I took 4 mgs of clonnies and passed out til following morning. 384 more words

724 am

way too early to be up. gotta take one of the girls to work at 10.

so I’m up knitting

down to 1 ritalin somewhere in my purse. 73 more words

Drug Abuse Is Not the Path to Success

By Hayley Cunningham, Columnist

Everyone else seems to do it all and have it all together: social lives that leave you with a major case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), active involvement in clubs or Greek life, a rockin’ GPA. 657 more words


Seriously? The Magic Medication Trance...

People like getting medicines.

It’s something I see often.  All you have to do is watch at the counter of any busy dispensing pharmacy.

Let us compare a pharmacy and a hamburger joint.  524 more words

Conventional Medicine

The ritalin perils

I wrote this blog in December and then forgot to publish it… I don’t even know how that happened.

The institute of education and the British psychological Society have found that an “alarming” number of pre-school children are being prescribed drugs to treat hyperactivity. 573 more words

can't quite call bullshit on me

I may have hastily said I was stopping the blog.
tho I may not be daily, I want to have this release. stupid to take away the only place that’s me-stripped and volatile. 398 more words