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DHEA for Adrenal Fatigue

The following is a brief clip from the Biotoxin Illness weekend with Ritchie Shoemaker, MD, Neil Nathan, MD, and Eric Gordon MD, held in Santa Rosa, CA in October of 2011. 110 more words

Biotoxin Issues

Mold Remediation - Why Mold Professionals Should Avoid Using Bleach - Part Three

Why Restoration Professionals Should Avoid Using Bleach

There are many situations in which restoration professionals may think that use of bleach as a cleaner/sanitizer is effective. 1,443 more words

Biotoxin Issues

Mold Remediation Part Two - Mold Indoors

Mold Indoors

Killing It Is Not Enough

Indoor air quality is a broad field that continues to bedevil building service professionals. But the shift in focus over the last five years from general concerns such as adequate ventilation and sick building syndrome to mold contamination has caught many service contractors by surprise, particularly when they are asked for advice in dealing with mold growth or blamed for its appearance. 1,104 more words


Mold Remediation Part One

Michael Pinto, CSP, CMP, of Wonder Makers Environmental has compiled extensive information on mold remediation based on years of work and research. He wrote a series of articles that were published in… 992 more words

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Reading an HLA DR by PCR Test Using the HLA Rosetta Stone

During the Biotoxin Illness Conference in October 2011, Dr. Gordon promised to provide help to people trying to read HLA test results. In the video here, he talks with… 331 more words

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DVDs from the Biotoxin Conference

The DVDs from the October Biotoxin Illness Conference with Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker are now available. We will be posting short preview clips on the blog. This first section is from the question and answer session, and discusses what to do when the person impacted by mold cannot leave their home, and how to clean soft items like clothing. 228 more words

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Report on the Biotoxin Conference by Scott Forsgren

Scott Forsgren, of BetterHealthGuy.com, posted an excellent blog on his site regarding the Biotoxin Illness Conference hosted by Gordon Medical Associates in Santa Rosa, CA.  747 more words

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