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And we'll make a lovely dress for Cinder-elly!

Embroidered ribbons and sequinned bands are used to add the finishing touches to most shirts and dupattas, so any self respecting tailor and fabric store owner will make sure they’re in stock. 51 more words



The rite of passage or the setting up of the youth to enter into the next phase of growth, being, and responsibility has been injured, neglected and perverted causing many a good boy to go astray as well as young males never attaining or achieving manhood. 256 more words



We need relationships to learn and grow. The challenge in relationships is in balancing the conflict they create within us.

In her book Anatomy of the Spirit, Carolyn Myss writes as long we focus on trying to control another person and forget that the person is a mirror reflecting back to us our qualities, we keep conflict alive within ourselves. 27 more words


Tango journey: introducing scope

Also: Greatest journey of 2015 will take place in 2016. :)

What is Buenos Aires and why should we care? – How I surprised myself while chatting with myself – Why should someone go over the world just to… Take some pictures and dance some steps, I guess? 1,416 more words


When the beep-beep became a tick-tock

I woke up.

Something changed over the past week. My ears strained – there it was. The change. The whoosh of movement next door, captured by sensitive technology, alternated with a gentle… 446 more words

"I'm sorry I'm late... I didn't want to come."

I sometimes wish that I could say this out loud. These past few weeks have been a whirlwind of group meetings at work, family get togethers to meet the new baby, training courses that requires participation, going away and retirement parties, and the list goes on and on. 731 more words


My First Blood Story

by Karen Tinner

I wish that I could say my first blood was an encouraging departure from how menstruation is treated in Western cultures, but sadly, it wasn’t. 639 more words