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Pt 1 The Difference Between Rite and Ritual

The debut of this presentation is scheduled for Saturday, April 14th at the League of Utah Writers 2018 Spring Conference.

This is the first part in a three-part series. 474 more words

Concept Creation

The Sacred Journal.

Early morning. Low light and birds beginning to sing. Church bells ringing, roosters crowing, the sound of plumbing from other homes vibrating through the adobe walls. 2,028 more words

Personal Transformation

If you are not a man, stop talking about masculinity. If you are a man, start!

If you are not a male, stop talking about masculinity.  There, I said it.

I stand by it as well.

If you are not a man, your only insight into masculinity is your narrow, personal subjective experiences with a minuscule representation of men.  1,561 more words


Support from and to the Sisterhood.

For many of us, Rites of Passage, be it the onset of menses, pregnancy/birth, or Menopause for which I speak now, was harder than it needed to be because of this: more often than not, we felt completely alone. 697 more words

Personal Transformation

Rites of Passage and Ink

I don’t currently have any tattoos. This surprises none of you, for though I may be a flaming pinko commie on the political spectrum, when it comes to how I live my life, I’m quiet, conservative, and reserved. 511 more words


Interlude 1

An interlude is a piece of music performed during the intermission at a theater. One of my favorite writers incorporated them into one of his series… 1,150 more words

A Spiritual Story


Sologamy, the act of marrying oneself, has recently become a thing in Italy as well. In fact, it was November last year when we heard about the first woman in Italy who married herself, following in footsteps of other people worldwide, especially women, marrying themselves since 1993. 593 more words

Wedding In Sardinia