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I Am 35.

I am 35

I am… 35


I am 35 and I’m lucky enough to look younger than that

I am 35 and I’m afraid of looking 35… 508 more words

Haiku, Bro Talk

“Objectifying – women is a Wall Street rite – of passage for men”

Put Some Windex

Got an ailment, need to do a household repair? Put some Windex. My Dad and I have been prescribing this remedy since the day we saw the movie… 373 more words


Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides

It took me a long time to get around to this novel. One reason was that I didn’t want to exhaust the life work of Eugenides too quickly, because no matter how much I love re-reading, and no matter how quickly I forget (meaning that after a few months or years I can read something again almost as I were reading it for the first time), I can only really read something for the first time once, and I wanted to wait for the perfect moment for my first reading of this book. 766 more words


Rite Of Passage: I Hope You Dance 🎶

Recently, we had a rite of passage. Although only Raizel had a graduation ceremony, both Yaffa and Raizel graduated from grade 8. In September, they will start high school. 379 more words

Adventure Filmmaking as a Wilderness Therapy

Becoming a leader

For two decades I’ve been leading youth, young adults, and adults through wild and remote places. For two decades, I’ve guided the personal journey of aspiring leaders and troubled youth. 725 more words

Adventure Film

The Invisible Circus by Jennifer Egan

I have no idea how Jennifer Egan does this. I can get it if someone has the wonderfully eerie ability to instinctively understand human emotions and tangled relations, and all the ways things can be awesome and things can suck – but this ability combined with the talent to be able to write it all down is something rare and precious. 984 more words