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Creating 8th Grade Rite of Passage Ritual

This year is our last year in middle school. From August, we will no longer be in our childhood; we will be moving on to adolescence and starting a new phase of life in high school. 602 more words

I said I'm sorry Mama

I’d like to think that I’m a pretty chill person.

I enjoy sleeping more than I probably should, I’m the person that says “I don’t care” when asked when to eat (cause I will literally eat anything), and I’m the type of person that enjoys silence when with other people. 613 more words


Rite of Passage

My entire youth had been one long rite of passage. Hardened on the domestic battleground from early childhood, I lived by the understanding, Survive this night, and you will have earned the privilege of seeing tomorrow. 3,067 more words

Anecdotes And Observations

A Tattoo Idea Is Born

I have seven tattoos, and most likely, an impulse control problem. I know there are a lot of people who believe their body is a temple and consider any alteration equals desecration. 559 more words

Rite of Passage, Poetry by Olalekan Joseph Ajayi

Genre: Rhyme, Spiritual

Rite of Passage
by Olalekan Joseph Ajayi

Tonight I enter the forest of words
The moon a lamp unto my naive feet… 236 more words

Life IS. Not fair.

I like to see the good in this world and focus my attention here. I choose to celebrate life daily, finding a nugget of happiness even on the less than perfect days. 271 more words


WHEN WILL MEN COME BACK AGAIN book is the latest release from the PEARLS SERIES of books and women are gravitating toward it too so as to improve their understanding of the male psyche. 265 more words