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A Place That Was Ours

“History,”  Jonna once said to me,  “Is all about Christmases.”   

I might have raised an eyebrow at that, but he insisted.  “Think back on it, Chas.  2,760 more words

Arche-typical, or Maybe Not So

I’ve written a bit of poetry over the years. This one that I’m about to share earned me the first spot in Pellissippi’s magazine called Footnotes, a student collection of poetry and art. 339 more words

“The doctrine of the sacredness of the soul sounds vaguely uplifting, but in fact is highly malignant. It discounts life on earth as just a temporary phase that people pass through, indeed, an infinitesimal fraction of their existence.

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Steven Pinker

Celebration Day for Girls

The Next Celebration Day for Girls will be on OCT 28th @ the ‘Heartspace’ in Bellbrae.

When a girl begins her menstrual cycle she is often expected to just ‘deal with it’ with little understanding as to why this has significance except the inconvenience of using tampons and pads. 737 more words

Spring 2017

Lunar New Year Flower Market

The Lunar New Year Flower Market:

A Rite or the Pinnacle of Commercialism?


Chinese New Year (新年) is a significant festival in Chinese culture, holding particular importance in Hong Kong society. 1,065 more words


Harvard Classics - The Law of Hippocrates

Primum non nocere  

The Hippocratic Oath is one of the most widely known Greek medical texts and has been historically taken by physicians.  It is an agreement to adhere to ethical standards in the healing practices.  74 more words

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