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A New Normal

I feel like I have heard this term more and more lately as I have gotten older. It seems to pop up at every milestone in life. 360 more words


The Happy Trail

At the beginning of summer I marvel at my offspring. Like squirrels, Nicholas and Alexander chase each other through the park down the hill from the back of the elementary school. 1,314 more words

Personal Essay

The Challenge of Breaking Up

Breaking up is not hard to do.

“Mom. Mom! Go stand by the window. You’re breaking up.” I don’t know. She said something about feeling faint. 439 more words


"Rite of Passage" by Alexei Panshin Review

Rite of Passage

Author: Alexei Panshin

Release Date1968

It’s hard not to read “Rite of Passage” today and compare it to the glut of modern Young Adult books with very similar premises. 999 more words


A Walk From The Village

To not draw forth from the deep well of reassurance. To walk out amongst the desert with cupped hands. To drink when spoken to. To be not in mind, but of mind. 40 more words

The Mother of Twins Worked Three Jobs, and Volunteered as the Torch Carrier for the World University Sports Competition

A young mother, living her dreams, challenging herself, making the breakthroughs in her own life, doing something meaningful, from the Newspapers, translated…

The World University Sports Competition is set for August this year, the process of the torch getting passed will get sent over the highest peak in Taiwan-Jade Mountain; the ten selected runners who will be hiking up the Jade Mountain carrying the torch, are going to start their bootcamp training sessions next month, and, in July of this year, they will be carrying their twenty-kilograms’ bags and hike up the Jade Mountain for three days and two nights, and, light up the torch on the main peak, to use it as the start of the competitive events. 500 more words

The Self

Jeff Phillips: The Full Cat Report

As I was lying in bed the other morning, curled on my side and slowly waking, my cat Finnegan jumped up onto my hip, and walked in circles until he found the ideal contour to cozy up to. 1,612 more words

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