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A negative day

To whom it may concern,

I started my first ever blog post that way because that has become the  new norm for me – if this period of unemployment has taught me any thing, it’s taught me how to write a cracking cover letter. 382 more words


"Communist" by Richard Ford

I’ve read “Communist” by Richard Ford three times in the past year, the most recent being a minute ago. I think I need to read it at least five more times before I can even begin to understand the entire story, but in terms of loss of innocence and rites of passage, I think I have enough to make some statements. 734 more words

American Literature

Bidding Farewell to Childhood

A rite of passage, for a child, entering into the teenage years, translated…

As I rode on the bus, passed by the Taipei’s New Children’s Amusement Park, I’d recalled how in two days, it would be my grandson’s twelfth birthday, and I’d asked him if he wanted to go to the amusement parks a final time, as a ritual of bidding farewell to his own childhood years. 272 more words

State Of Mind

Independence Day by Finola Scott

Independence Day

The bonnet’s a yellow explosion.

I instruct Aim for something soft.

So my son hits the daffodils not a wall.

I recall my own lessons, the feel of Dad’s hand… 155 more words

New Poetry

"LIKE SAND THROUGH THE HOURGLASS. Completion of a cycle & promise of a new beginning. This is a rite of passage!"

“LIKE SAND THROUGH THE HOURGLASS. Completion of a cycle, & promise of a new beginning. This is a rite of passage!” Yes I do think this is just a stage in a cycle, this WHOLE YEAR. 114 more words

Mini review: "Dodgers" by Bill Beverly

I came across this by chance and just could not resist given the reviews and the awards it won last year.

It is the story of a group of young black guys from a rough part of Los Angeles who are sent on a road trip across America to kill a judge when their narcotics operation is busted by the police. 229 more words


100 WORD SKITTLE // Suty's Ascent (Follow-up to Keb's Descent)

I learned to ride a pony a bit later on, as well as step up to the plate and be a household name. Had it been a… 80 more words

Tetiana Aleksina