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All it took was to get rejected by the system that raised me - the Swiss School system

A Swiss living in Amerika, Koka Kola, Wunderbar

I am half-Swiss and half-American and was born in Switzerland.

I was born in the mythical land called… 1,916 more words


When A Child Believes

A child is born into a quiet world

Given a slap, a gasp begins their day,

We listen with intent, a cry today

Oh to hold child in hand, love we twirled. 74 more words


G'DAY: The Magic Man

This complimentary excerpt from G’DAY: Aints. Read the Family Roots and Moment One also.



Dreamtime created me with no story, no name, and no family. 336 more words

Family Tree Novel

Left Side Awareness

This is nothing to do with brain hemispheres. It is to do with a state of awareness which is somehow other to that which you might use to do the accounts, drive a real-life automobile or take a dump. 345 more words

Mind Body And Spirit

The Opening of Pandora's Box: Honoring Ourselves in Menopause

At some point in the last year, I ceased menstruation and officially entered menopause. On what day, at what time, and in what manner, I couldn’t say. 1,161 more words



Our new English teacher wore corduroy and a Polio limp.
His hair curled over his shirt collar. His flares hung loose
on his wasted shin, inciting an uneasy silence. 96 more words