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How I Survived My Son's First Communion

Sunday, May 24th was my son’s big day – the event all good Catholics look forward to – First Holy Communion. I’m not claiming to be a “good Catholic”. 772 more words


What makes a man? Big Game, the movie, shows us.

Finn Oskari (Onni Tommila) faces what every Finnish boy dreams of on the eve of his 13th birthday: to prove himself a man by surviving a day and a night in the wilds, catch game, and do his father proud. 595 more words

Movie Review

171. For My Son

For My Son
by Jason Tomlinson

I walked him on his first day today I walked him on his last
six years of elementary school – of course it went way too fast… 144 more words



When I was 16, I told my father I wanted to try smoking a pipe. So he brought me to the local drug store, where he bought one of their inexpensive pipes, a pouch of cheap tobacco, and a package of pipe cleaners. 447 more words

Where Else, Besides Death, Do We Go for Such Loss?: Reflections on Prom

I see them around town, like migratory birds landed, briefly at the steak house: boys and girls in their prom finery.  The boys look awed. Ordinarily they would be embarrassed, but the creatures seated beside them – the girls – have been so miraculously transformed. 352 more words


Rites of Passage

Growing up, I vividly remember my dad, I will call him Adam, going to conferences. I would always look forward to him getting home, and discovering what he had gotten for me from the exhibit hall. 457 more words


Mow, SpeedRacer, Mow

Every boy has certain rites of passage. In the rural and suburbia America one such rite of passage is learning to mow the lawn. I do think it’s a bit more exciting when it happens on a riding lawn mower vs. 142 more words