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The DIY Band: An American Rite of Passage

Oftentimes, when people desire the idea of being a musician, they often envision this:  getting your music played in radios, managers taking care of the details you don’t have to sweat, having your music distribution be handled by a large record label, riding around in tour buses with working toilets and electrical outlets that are driven by someone who has no connection to you and your music, flying first-class to different countries, having mistakes – both small and large-scale – be fixed by PR teams, agencies, and your label, never worrying about being hungry, and so on and so forth. 1,721 more words


Goodbye Cot, Hello Big Boy's Bed

Firstly I feel I should apologise for my total lack of blog updates for the last (nearly) year. My only excuse is the WordPress app went through a really glitchy stage which made posting infuriating and then I left it so long before an update I couldn’t catch up with myself. 613 more words

Baby Diary

Rite of Passage

An animation of an angel giving an introduction to a short story, “Rite of Passage”. Rite of Passage is available in ebook and audiobook format at http://jhstories.net/

Rite [nite]

I saw a couple hug and kiss

and this did make me smile

in kinda bliss, though

bliss kinda indicates

time and a half,

and this was a very short moment… 201 more words


A Rite of Passage

Close your eyes and think of your first school picture.

Do you remember how proud you were, sitting on that hard little stool, a dark blue or bland beige background behind you, everyone’s eyes on you as the photographer beseeches: … 488 more words

Me Who Done the Walkin'

I had some thoughts about themes of responsibility, cruelty and past trauma in several of the games I’ve played in this IF Competition. It’s impossible to get too far into that without discussing themes and endgames, so you should be warned of major spoilers for the following pieces: 1,778 more words

Interactive Fiction

Rite of Passage

“This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well-pleased.” Matthew 3:17

This weekend we got the pleasure of blessing our only son with a “Rite of Passage.” In our American culture we don’t have a ritual that brings a boy into a man. 296 more words