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K-On! Moe Moe Music

We’ve all known about K-on! so much, but what of it? It’s moe of course!

I know this is a bit old, but K-on is just great enough to be carved into us when it comes to moe and music. 172 more words


Ritsu Tainaka Ichiban Kuji

Ritsu is an easy shoe in for my favorite K-On character. This girl is positively insane, I first bought this figure because I thought that this figure accentuated her insanity pretty well…honestly I walked away a little disappointed… Let me show you why. 710 more words

Anime Figures

K-On! World Cup

Ritsu is a massive fan of Japan’s women’s football (soccer) team.

The K-On! girls were in Germany at the time of the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup, and despite having to listen to German commentary, Ritsu saw all of Japan’s games on TV. 91 more words


K-On! favourite bands

The #1 favourite bands of the members of H.T.T. are…


[K-ON!] I'm here for you

Chapter II:

The bell chimed as lunch time passed. The infirmary was as silent as an empty room and yet, the collapsed girl was sleeping so soundly. 1,160 more words


[K-ON!] I'm here for you

Chapter I:

She was just looking out of the window, staring at the sky. Her eyes were glazed as she was deep in thought. Within a minute, she faced away from the window and shut her eyes. 723 more words


[K-ON!] My Melody, with you

Chapter III:

At the clubroom, Nodoka had excused herself earlier back to the council room and Azusa was the one entrusted to fill out the form, yet again. 560 more words