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Naamah Incense

One of the commissions I’ve been working on lately and now going into the official Teufelskunst program: the first qliphothic incense blend, an offering to the dark goddess Naamah. 406 more words


Urban Legend: Jiang Shi (China)

Jiang Shi yang akrab disebut vampire china adalah mayat hidup yang berjalan dengan cara melompat-lompat dan kedua tangannya terangkat ke depan. Jiang Shi mempunyai cakar dan gigi yang tajam. 288 more words


Stepping into ritual space

How do we enter ritual space, let go of the cares of daily life and become open to magic, divinity and that which is sacred to us? 603 more words


June 2015 Full Moon Ritual to Columbia

July 4th brings a unique opportunity to honor one of the lesser worshiped goddesses, Columbia. Hailed as the patron of America (U.S.), she watches quietly and stately at the bay of New York City. 127 more words


Protection – Sage

“It’s like she’s still here!” Jennifer said.

“Who?” I asked.

“My mother-in-law. I don’t know how Sam could come from that woman. When she’s in the room with you, it’s like being smothered in resentment and broken dreams.” 503 more words

Moonwater Silverclaw

In Praise of Darkness by Adam F. Braun

This reflection was initially a part of an attempt to create radical liturgies that might connect the frequent theological bias towards ‘light’ and the implicit White Supremacy that such theologies perpetuate.  304 more words


Midsummer 2015-The Gods were Honored

Midsummer, also known as Litha, was celebrated on Saturday, June 20, 2015 at 8pm. The sun was setting in the west, but plenty of light abound as the longest day of the year doesn’t see a sun set till 9:30 pm. 153 more words