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Tonight! World Peace/Dispel Prejudice Ritual!

I (Rashi, AKA Brad) will be substituting for Matthew tonight at PPW. A few years ago, I wrote a ritual to be performed publically at the Kerrville Folk Festival that was designed as a blessing and a spell to rid ourselves (and the world) of bias and prejudice. 61 more words


Bardic initiation

Many Druid gatherings offer bardic initiations, although what’s meant by this can vary. My first initiation was at Stonehenge, in the dew of a midsummer morning, and I repeated back the words and wasn’t sure about them at all, but such is life. 346 more words


This Week: Imbolc Ritual

Come one! Come All! Please join Rashi and guest Priestess Kane for a very special edition of the PPW yearly Imbolc Ritual. We have something very special planned. 14 more words


Ritual without authority

For some years now I’ve been uneasy about working in an authoritarian sort of way. I’ve been the benevolent dictator for a number of groups in the past, but it’s really hard work and takes a lot of energy and attention. 484 more words


Inside the Los Angeles Satanic Temple's biggest-ever 'black mass' with blood-letting, demonic cats and stand-up

The Satanic Temple (https://thesatanictemple.com/) are an extremely active and well directed group.  As opposed to any initiatory structure, the group has a focus upon the application of rationalised science towards the nature of Being.  953 more words

Daily Thought

On ritual, responsibility, and consecration

It’s been quiet around these parts for a good while, but it’s not for a lack of activity in my real life. Rather the opposite: I’ve been buried under a pile of responsibilities and activities both secular and religious, and writing that has no clear deadline or penalty (read: this blog) has gotten put to the wayside. 1,256 more words