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Ritual Samhain

Tipo de ritual: RC Irlandes

Deidades: Dagda , An Morrighan

Fecha: Noche de 30 de Abril a la noche del 1 de Mayo.


  1. Encender la hogera o vela al atardecer…
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Algunas palabras previas: ¡Hola! Tras mucho (demasiado) tiempo de inactividad subo este pequeño articulo sobre Samhain, una de las festividades más importantes del calendario Celta. Lamentablemente en el último tiempo mi trabajo me había mantenido lejos de cualquier posibilidad de postear artículos nuevos, sin embargo en este nuevo año mi meta es poder subir un artículo por cada Festividad Celta con un poco de información, y quizas un ritual breve en español. 1,835 more words

Boredom and Side Conversations in Ritual

Another common question I get from people who lead rituals is, “How do you get people to stop having side conversations in ritual?” Truth is, I don’t often have this problem, so it took me a bit to figure out some suggestions I could offer. 2,116 more words


New Freebies Section!

Check out the new Freebies section of the PPW blog. We will be periodically posting fun art, templates and tools to help you on your spiritual practice. 27 more words

Spells & Magick

Letting go to grow

After my reading for the Scorpio Moon, I decided to ask the cards what I needed to release in order to grow.  I assumed some self-pitying swords cards would pop up.  555 more words


Ritual release

I’ve been trying to incorporate more practical magic into my daily life by turning ordinary actions into rituals.  I believe that if you can tap into your own worth and power, you can transform your life.  322 more words


The First Blessing

Last week Wednesday, on the 13th anniversary of the beginning of my twisting, winding, crooked path and in the presence of a small congregation of friends, loved ones and peers, my mentor and teacher ordained me as a Priestess in Service to All the Powers That Now Exist (APTNE).  209 more words