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Mourning Moon

The November full moon is the Mourning Moon, a time to reflect and release everything that isn’t working for you.  This can be people, things, or thought patterns. 287 more words


Risotto As Food For Loss

For the last 18 months or so, every time I’m feeling very much in touch with grief and loss, I cook risotto. I didn’t set out to do this. 168 more words


3 Steps To Safely Achieving Sacred Dance Trance

dancing is a unique and personal communication between our inner community and external sound waves. when we allow our dance to express this communication without fear and from our inner core, it breaks through the prisons we tend to re-create for ourselves through daily living, expectations, and other soul diversions. 1,010 more words

Ritual Skills: Anchoring, Fire Tending, and Edge Walking

On the Ritual Facilitation Skills Facebook group that I started, I sometimes get interesting questions about ritual techniques. Someone asked me about anchoring, fire tending, and edge walking, specifically because they’d had a hard time finding resources on this.  1,873 more words


Games: Percakapan Satu Orang

Permainan ini adalah sebuah ritual untuk berhubungan dengan makhluk halus. Yang dibutuhkan hanyalah dua buah bangku dan sebuah ruangan. 152 more words


Games: Telephone

Ritual telepon adalah sebuah ritual yang memungkinkanmu berhubungan dengan sosok atau makhluk yang berada di dunia lain. Seperti ritual-ritual lainnya, ritual telepon ini sebaiknya tidak dicoba karena akan mungkin akan membahayakan keselamatanmu. 232 more words


Walking the Night-Path

I realised I needed some more practical, simple articles on my blog to give some direction to those who are thinking about becoming a Witch or increasing/adding to their spiritual knowledge; rather than just my personal experiences. 1,480 more words