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The Fullness of Light - Sext

Sext, or Sixth Hour, is another of the fixed times of prayer of the Divine Office  of almost all the traditional Christian liturgies. It consists mainly of Psalms and is said at noon. 584 more words

Joys Of Life

Beltane fires and maypoles

Beltane is coming, and with it, the celebration of love. Spare a thought for those who are left out of all the joyous coupling, and those who are marginalised by less inclusive ways of celebrating love. 763 more words


Is Religion Our Sacred Cow? by Esther Nelson

Recently, my colleague (I’ll call him Ben) participated in his grandson’s bris—the circumcision ritual within Jewish tradition. The circumcision was performed by a mohel–someone who is trained on removing the foreskin of an eight-day-old, male child. 1,030 more words


Clear and Bright qīng míng 清明 Apr 05

Qing Ming, 清明, or Seimei in Japanese, and Cheongmyeong 청명사 (Korean) and Thanh minh (Vietnamese) is the 5th solar term of the traditional calendar. In space partitioning, Qingming begins when the sun reaches the celestial longitude of 15° and ends when it reaches the longitude of 30°.  874 more words

Joys Of Life

Mid Morning Pause - Terce

Terce, or Third Hour, was the time of the mid-morning break for prayer in the medieval monasteries. It consisted then, and still does, mainly of psalms and is said at 9 a.m. 612 more words


Centering Women’s Circles with Altars and Ritual by Anne Yeomans and the Women’s Well

 From 1994 until 2012, the Women’s Well, based in Concord, Massachusetts, offered thousands of women the opportunity to participate in women’s circles of all kinds. Here, in their own words in the second of this three-part series, Anne Yeomans, a co-founder of the Women’s Well, and others who co-created the Women’s Well, share with you how altars and ritual furthered the sacred inner and outer work of the circle.  965 more words


Open Secrets Vol. 2

– You can be kind to be cruel. It is, definitely, an option.

– Apocalypse/beauty/success is in the eye of the beholder.

– That sheer difference between luck and fate. 95 more words