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Mid-fall update

Time is chugging along. What have I been doing?

The little dude can’t have dairy or soy so I have cut all of that from my diet. 252 more words


Rituals for Our Sons, by Molly Remer

“…There, he found a piece of glass and began to tell a story. He was telling one of his tribe’s men’s stories. It was a story for boys to become men, and it was not shared with women. 1,072 more words


Social justice magic (maybe)

I don’t do magic, not as a general rule. I’m not even sure I think it exists outside of an internal psychological reality, though a number of people I trust seem fairly sure of it. 1,032 more words

Thursday The 22nd: Mabon Ritual and Potluck.

The Fall Equinox falls on a PPW night this year, so our always amazing Sabbat ritual is going to be extra special this year. We will talking about Mabon meanings, myths, and stories before the break, then we will be having an empowering rite of gratitude and recognition…with a special story based on the Mayan Pantheon. 12 more words


The Red Thread, the Red Heifer, and Red Ritual by Jill Hammer

There is an old Jewish custom to use a red thread, tied around a bedpost or a child’s wrist, to keep away demons.  In particular, the red thread is said to keep away Lilith, the female demon who steals children.  1,084 more words


What shall we do with the drunken Druid?

This post is prompted by something Halo Quin wrote on her blog about being put off by early experiences of drunken Druid rituals – you can read that here – … 702 more words