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Jewish Nightlife: Student Paper Topics

It’s that time of the semester. Students are working on their research papers. The process was prepared by the submission, several weeks ahead of when the papers are due, of individual Abstracts, or paper proposals. 136 more words


Rest and Renewal: Gifts of Women's Ritual Dance by Laura Shannon

 Samhain is past, and we in the northern hemisphere are once again entering the final outbreath of the solar year. At the winter solstice, light will be reborn. 1,381 more words


Dia de Muertos

This year the celebration of Dia de Muertos starts on the evening of October 31 and continues to November 2. I find this Mexican holiday of honoring the dead one of my favorite expressions of this desire. 609 more words

Joys Of Life

Making dedications

Making dedications in a ritual context is a powerful process if you get it right. Even if you are solitary, ritual can give a sense of being witnessed, and of your dedication being held by something bigger than yourself. 443 more words


Awaiting Ophelia

Ophelia is the hurricane that is heading straight for us. Now if I lived in the Caribbean that sentence would make absolute sense but as I live in Ireland, not so much. 712 more words


Friday the 13th and in October Too!

No No No Not the movie franchise.  No slasher films here. Especially predictable, repetitive ones. Just good, old fashioned superstition and trivia because a month of October flavored posts is really a lot of work and I need a little break. 1,358 more words

Joys Of Life

Trance Journal Excerpt - Meeting an Ancestor

I thought for this week that I’d provide a bit of trance journaling that I did after some work in my Mental Grove. This is not quite a full fledged trance journey, but does involve my closest ancestor spirit guide, and is a good example of one of the ways I use trance to try to help me with mundane world problems. 662 more words