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Ostara 2015 Celebration

Eostre was pleased! SLPS honored and celebrated Ostara on Saturday, March 21, 2015 at 8pm. This Spring Equinox was special because of a solar eclipse, super moon and the equinox trifecta, all on one day. 54 more words


Sound and Music; a continued exploration...

Monday March 23, 2015,

One impression I have acquired from creating music could probably be summed up in the word “expressionism.” Though, when I sit to play the intention isn’t to “do” anything per say, energy begins stirring, and is recognizable as impulses from deep inside the body. 357 more words


Woodwind composition: "Embrace..."


This is a beautiful, and deliberately evocative woodwind composition.

It was created with a silent intention, and I wanted to share.

Please enjoy…

“Sometimes, everything seems to appear separated, and yet exists as one; 41 more words


The Meditation Challenge

I am on Day 5 of a 21-Day Meditation Challenge. I have, so far, consecutively meditated. . . one day in a row. The first day. 501 more words

Fresh Start

Mourning for Mesopotamia

I am, by and large, an Indo-European pagan. I work with Gods from a number of cultures (Manannan, Hela, Ing Frea, Thunor, Heimdall/Hama, Hecate), but I’ve rarely (even before ADF) ventured outside this language/culture group. 364 more words


Full Moon In Virgo: Prepare to Spring Forward

Here is our beloved March Full Worm Moon, named so for the creepy crawlies digging up through the earth to be fed upon by Robins, Jays and Bulebirds. 331 more words

Moon Updates

On patronage: a sample ritual

I was recently asked how one goes about formally dedicating themselves to a deity, and I have been asked this before by others, so I decided it might be helpful to more than a few people if I make a post about the subject. 955 more words