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A Midwinter Ritual by Barbara Ardinger

Midwinter, the winter solstice (December 21), is the shortest day and longest night of the year. I like to think of Yule, an old pagan name for the solstice season, as a time when we get to take a nice, long, peaceful nap between all those holiday parties. 979 more words

Divine Feminine

Winter Commences lì dōng 立冬 Nov 7th

November 7th we passed into the period called Winter Commences. It will run until November 22nd. This is true in northern China, but winter comes later in the south and thankfully here as well. 514 more words


Samhain non ritual, ritual

As a Bard with the OBOD I valiantly worked my way through the rituals associated with the eight festivals of the year. My own guides advised me to do this so that I whenever I went my own way, I did so from a place of understanding, which made complete sense and over the year and a bit, this gave me a much stronger connection to all the times when the wheel turns rather than just the ones that resonated with me most strongly. 279 more words


Samhain 2016-Veles Opened the Door

SLPS celebrated Samhain Saturday, October 29, 2016 at the Temple of the Sun and Moon. The altar was set with Samhain decorations. Pumpkins from the garden gave the right touch of the season, the final harvest, to the altar of life and death. 182 more words


Mid-fall update

Time is chugging along. What have I been doing?

The little dude can’t have dairy or soy so I have cut all of that from my diet. 252 more words


Rituals for Our Sons, by Molly Remer

“…There, he found a piece of glass and began to tell a story. He was telling one of his tribe’s men’s stories. It was a story for boys to become men, and it was not shared with women. 1,072 more words


Social justice magic (maybe)

I don’t do magic, not as a general rule. I’m not even sure I think it exists outside of an internal psychological reality, though a number of people I trust seem fairly sure of it. 1,032 more words