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“. . . dramatize the power of the state and church over the disobedient individual. . .” (Philip Smith)

This past Wednesday, the State of Texas once again dramatized its power over the disobedient individual. We, you and I, my Texas friends, murdered Manuel Garza, Jr., on April 15, 2015. 455 more words


Bound By Love

Yesterday, I had the privilege of visiting the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York to get a feel for the community and learn more about their cantorial program. 961 more words


Brief announcement

As of today, following some testing of product, incense has gone live in my shop, with the following sets of incense sticks:


Amos and Freemasonry

While we will never know for certain why the creators of Masonic ritual used the material they did from the Bible and elsewhere, it often times seems to match the ideals set down in a particular degree so well that there isn’t any question in our minds that that particular Biblical phrase or passage is right for that degree. 1,929 more words


Jewish Ritual Murder?

Does Jewish ritual murder still happen in modern day?

The Traditional Church of Satan may not agree with the views and opinions in regards to this subject but we feel that it is important to report on all “occult” activity and it seems that The Jewish People may have a History of Child Sacrifice. 244 more words


Hadit Day Class and Reading - Tonight at PPW

Mike Rogers will host a special edition of the Pagan Pathways Workshop  discussing the background of Thelema’s holiest text: The Book of the Law. He will conclude the class with a ritualistic reading of Chapter II.


Remember to Breath

I managed to get some time in for discussion with Poseidon today; Since that is what we are doing at the moment, discussing, negotiating. A general idea for a rite has been laid out. 57 more words