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More on Hebei

I’ve been revisiting my account of the amateur ritual association of South Gaoluo, my fieldbase through the 1990s, and I’ve just added a page… 541 more words


Due Date

So I’m a week into my trip and I have started to feel again. I have a way to go, but I now know more than ever that I was meant to be here, to be doing something and experiencing more of this world. 432 more words


Slow and Traditionally Prepared Meals

Feeding ourselves and our families with nutritious food every day is hard work, and it looks different for every family.  In our family we value slow food and traditionally prepared foods because they are nutritious and because the experience of preparing and eating meals together offers a change of pace from busy days.   917 more words

Fixes, Fixins And Flavors

of gods and boxes

In India, most people worship idols.

This is, and should be, a little disconcerting if you come from the West, particularly if you come from the Judeo-Christian tradition that says there is only One God, and He doesn’t go in for that kind of stuff. 813 more words



So that I am in the graces of my Congo mama, Chola Wengue, I’m offering a free love ritual to anyone who needs love magic and that answers a few questions for me. 84 more words

Natural Magic

Bi-lingual scolding

Reminder to research why mothers tend to ‘scold’ their bi-lingual children in a different language than the main one spoken. My bi-lingual friends agree, this is a common thing. Not just my own mother.