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Morning Routine

I started a 30-day challenge to get up each morning at 5:18 a.m. Why? For the past few weeks I have felt a creeping discontent with my ability to stay on track with some of my priorities. 490 more words


The cult of Elder Hu

* Yet another in a series of vignettes (starting here) from my recent stay with
the wonderful Li Manshan 
(for similar excursions, see here… 2,537 more words


Drinking Espresso in Italy

After having lunch with Sicilian Couchsurfing host in Noto:
Host: Would you like a coffee?
Me: Sure.
Walked into a cafe and ordered two espresso. 25 more words


the importance of ritual

This morning I woke up at 9:45 am, brushed my teeth, made myself a cup of tea, and sat down in my ‘writing corner’ to write for an hour. 628 more words


Zhihua temple group in London!

Following the 2014 performance of the Zhihua temple group at the British Museum, I’m looking forward to their repeat visit this coming Monday! I’ve just added it to the events calendar in the sidebar. 116 more words


Clearing Out My Wardrobe: How Spring Cleaning Promotes Good Mental Health

I don’t know about you, but no matter how hard I try my wardrobe always ends up messy – pretty much like a tornado recently rolled through and couldn’t be bothered to clear up the chaos it left behind… (Wait, am I describing myself?) I have been  998 more words