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Dancing with the Daemonic

Four principles that work to inform, ground and integrate my understanding and practice. Self at centre, not for the collective, check physicality and Karma’s a crock. 1,167 more words


Acrostic of the Heart

Using your own name, a specific goal boiled down to a word or two, a god-name, an ancestral name, etc., spell the name or word, giving a separate line for each letter (an… 481 more words


“You’re late.” It gets so cheesy after that, with only science to fall back on the wake of metaphysical rape in the consciousness that begat him. 1,315 more words

Easy Talisman

Here is an easy magical talisman that you can make that works very well, as long as you perform all of the necessary steps. This is very simple, beginner’s magic that can be done by anyone. 262 more words


A PGM List of Nighttime Hour Rulers

One of my favorite things about the Greek Magical Papyri is that, if some technique or concept exists in modern magic, chances are extraordinarily high there’s a parallel, variant, or outright origin of the thing in the PGM.  2,076 more words


Full Honey Moon Beeswax Candle Making Ritual — Spirit de la Lune

Happy Full Honey Moon!

Source: Full Honey Moon Beeswax Candle Making Ritual — Spirit de la Lune

We know this is a bit early for our usual full moon post, but we wanted to be sure you had time to gather any supplies you may need for this Full Moon Ritual. 147 more words

Full Moon

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Tyres’ sibilant serenades

counterpoint the muttering of retreating engines;

on the wind, the heavy beat of your parting paean,

counting out the past lives, the used prizes… 13 more words