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Bear Muffins

We are all creatures of habit, or rather to say, humanity loves a ritual, or maybe that’s just to say, I love a ritual. The ritual of the bath, the ritual of the fire in the woodstove, the ritual of making sure we soak in the wood-fired-hot-tub every new and full moon (that’s a new one over here). 750 more words


The Star Ruby ritual

Frater Kairos part I. He is reading and thinking and performing the Star Ruby ritual. Spend your time looking at this! It is is amazing, filled with facts and other interesting stuff. 18 more words


Ritual Revolution

It’s been an interesting week.
I held ceremony in the streets of San Francisco.
I travelled to Harbin Hot Springs to have a dream about truth, boundaries and the merkava. 155 more words


The Dedication Ritual

Hello All,

The Circle of the PussyWillows is proud to officially welcome our newest member Soleil Autumnrosa. On February 18th, a new moon, Soleil conducted the final induction ceremony: the Dedication Ritual. 384 more words


The Witch and the Artist: Walkers Between Worlds

Witchcraft is a discipline that is widely varied in both beliefs and practice, but one vein that often (though not always) runs through it is the connection with otherworldly beings and energies, such as spirits, deities, faeries, and other such entities.   379 more words


Ritual Technique: Trance, Chant, and Cantillation

I’ve been on the road for about two weeks, and I have about a dozen blog post ideas swirling in my brain, but I thought I’d ease in with a ritual technique, since this is something I use frequently when I teach and lead rituals and lots of people ask me about it. 2,004 more words

Pagan Community

Broke but not Cheap: Works and Operations

So, in the last two posts, I’ve described how to get by on the cheap stuff and the free stuff in order to set yourself up as a magician.   1,808 more words