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How To Create A Morning Routine That Will Set You Up For Success

Many of us find ourselves distracted and overwhelmed by anxious thoughts and emotions. Like life’s a juggling act and the balls keep dropping. We often forget that we define who we are. 2,023 more words

Mabon Celebrations

My solitary Mabon celebration was simple, peaceful and just what I needed to enter the quiet half of the year. I started by smudging my whole witch room (which I had thoroughly dusted and hoovered the night before) with white sage and rosemary from my garden, then (after resetting the smoke alarm) I set out the items I would need for my rite along with a large glass of wine and some shortbread biscuits. 313 more words

Grey Witch Craft

Lughnasadh Festival

Lughnasadh is the beginning of the harvest season. It’s when the first grains and fruits are ready to be picked, consumed, and preserved. This usually takes place around August 1st but does vary from different regions based on culture and beliefs. 376 more words

30-day minimalism challenge: days 4,5,& 6

Hey again! The last few days’ challenges have been rather simple and self-explanatory so I decided to lump them all together into one post!

Day 4: No Complaint Day… 357 more words


Jewish Liturgical Music: Intersections and Subversions

Finding our topic, Jewish nightlife, involves researching the intersections of many networks.

Let’s quickly review:

  1. Maps and Timelines: Jewish liturgical music is determined by the historical distribution of Jews in diaspora…
  2. 402 more words

Not So Awesome Days of Awe This Year

Rituals, we know from the study of religion, are supposed to encapsulate a perfect order completely unlike the messiness of lived, daily life. In the ritual space, everything is supposed to go right. 400 more words


Evaluating Values, Part 2

Here’s the second half of the set of values I began looking at in Part 1.

Let go and move on.
Set goals.
Care for self and others.

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