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Five Nights of Wisdom

The Pancharatra is a group of texts as old as the four Vedas and has the same transcendental origin. They were ancient even in the time of the Lord Krishna’s appearance in this world, and are mentioned in the… 677 more words


Focus On Magnificent!

I always believed in starting my day off right and that my entire day will eventually go the way I began it! I’ve learned over time that putting my best foot forward will always end in my last foot being successful at the end of the day. 384 more words


Daoist ritual in Hunan

Along with regions like Fujian, Jiangxi, and south Jiangsu, Hunan is among the hotspots for research on Daoist ritual.

Any such province represents a vast area, for which it is hard to encapsulate all the individual reports on particular villages or Daoist “altars”. 510 more words


Fox rituals

I don’t know how long the fox had been watching us, but he had stopped in the middle of the footpath to observe our approach. We’d been mostly looking up into the trees on the off-chance of owlets, and it took me a while to register the scrutiny, and longer again to spot him in the gloom. 378 more words


The Space You Left Behind

Does one ever think that when one approaches the front door to answer it, the casual ritual often prevents us from employing our critical thinking – measuring and inductive reasoning – which may have spared us a new experience and not have ever impacted our conscious subjectivity and embedded an apprehension, or a logic, or a system of your interpretation of that moment forward; and you wake up and decide things and going to be different. 1,301 more words



candles lit in round
drop the background
head drift begins body-heavy
the correct configuration
of gestures and tongue clicks
begin a quantum shift
bending causality… 24 more words