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Eric Clapton once wrote in a song that he was not an easy person to deal with on a day to day basis.  I think it was from “Journeyman” and I am paraphrasing here.   471 more words


My bounty is in reflection
and story-telling
and deep spaces.

My bounty is in dreams and plans
and refusing to quit.

My bounty wells up from within and… 811 more words


Full Moon Love

All week I’ve been looking forward to Saturday.  I started last week with anger and tears and I’ve finished with resignation.

Saturday left much to be desired and the dinner I had planned sucked lol. 217 more words


Dream (nightmare): 8.31.2015

I’m shopping with a group of guy friends at a plant nursery store. Suddenly a guy I sort of know pulls out a machine gun and threatens to kill random people. 1,664 more words


Are You Like Mike?

The scripture is full of invitations to act – to set things into motion.  In worship on August 30, the folk in Crafton Heights thought a bit about ways in which “going through the motions” is helpful and ways in which that becomes a distraction or even worse.   1,938 more words


Children of the Entity: Lifetaker

The storm howled outside the church, battering endlessly against the windows. Near the altar, a hooded man was crouched in a hastily drawn star that had several points. 347 more words