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27 Moura/March 18


Day of Madria Theia, Jana of Illumination, Joy and Benevolence. O, Madria Theia, be with us. Blessed are You.

Tomorrow, within the Greater Deanic community, marks the most somber day of the year. 463 more words

Feast Days

Prayer to Hestia - Home Economy

While Hestia is the focal point of my household, I have been known to cultivate relationships with others, as needed.  Because we are preparing to move back to WA (which is scary because….right now we have no place to live or jobs!), I have been set on monetary economy.  149 more words

Manifest What You Want From The Ground Up

Here is a very simple way to manifest something that you want, desire, or need. You can use this for absolutely anything. I will only add posts like this on my blog if I have tried the rituals with success, and I, and my wife, have had success with this particular ritual/spell. 478 more words


7 Simple Rituals To Celebrate Spring

Happy New Year mother nature!

We made it folks and it’s time to celebrate. Even if you are still experiencing old man winter, know that spring is just around the corner. 1,121 more words


Two Powers in Nine Breaths

Part of ADF’s core order of ritual is a moment we call Creating the Group Mind, which involves grounding and centering. Most groves work with what we call the Two Powers – fire and water – that represent the primal forces of creation. 238 more words


St. Patrick's Armor Magic

It’s the Feast of St. Patrick, so time for us to clear something up:

Saint Patrick was definitely a magic user.  A Christian, sure. A Bishop even. 2,134 more words


Clash of the Pantheons:

The description of my blog is “a blog dedicated to my adventures in studying Neo-Paganism in central Ohio.”, and I feel like I have not written a whole lot on that topic. 584 more words