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Weekend Rituals

Here in my sunny loungeroom, the dogs and I have a bit of a weekend ritual. While I do my best to sleep in and catch up from the busy week, I find my body clock usually first pings my eyes open sometime in the 7’s…then as much as I try to find sleep again, I usually give up within the hour. 221 more words


A Seven Step Procees For Learning

Here is the picture, you have been going to Kung Fu or Tai Chi classes for awhile. You are starting to build some skills and are comfortable doing some of the things that you have learned on your own in class. 1,398 more words

Daily Practice

Casting Cursing Stones - #Folkmagic #Witchcraft

Fridays are the days we cast our curses, or “throw” magic as we call it.  If you ever see a pile of rocks and a stick in the middle, you can bet that someone has been cursed and quite severely. 496 more words


Product Feature: Ritual

One day I was scrolling through Instagram and came across an ad for a new vitamin company. I try my best to take care of my body and was taking a couple different supplements every day. 326 more words

Finding Ritual and a Safe Place

Miriam takes time now to reflect on something she has just read.  When dealing with memories of a past bad experience one should set up a ritual with a specific time to write about and deal with the situation.   467 more words



After being reintroduced to one of my favourite PC games Monkey Island, I realised I know little to nothing about voodoo. I know it’s a spiritual practice that originated in Africa with incredible shamanistic views. 236 more words