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Full Moon Release Spell ~ The White Witch Parlour

For this Full Moon Ritual Spell to Release Energy, you will need:

* A Full Moon

* Calming Meditative Music ( can be found on Pandora & YouTube) 864 more words


Ritual Work: The Season of Repose

Continuing to work on and clean up the ritual for the Season of Repose, that point in the year where we plunge into darkness and everything dies.  224 more words



Wake up to the morning rays,
It’s been many weeks not days,
You’re here to say your prayers,
Do what you want and disregard the nay-sayers.

A Note on Ritual and Scale...

I fear that some people will think an impulse towards ritual is totalitarian. It might conjure up thoughts of mass rallies and parades. Few things could be further from the truth. 56 more words

Matthew Ryan Berube 1975-2015

Today I honoured my Beloved Dead. Hail Matthew Ryan Berube, the world is a colder and darker place without you. That which is remembered never dies. 41 more words


S.M.G Tales: 60 Shades of Judith Episode 04 part H #unigoss

Previously on 60 Shades of Judith Episode 04 part G

Unto me yet another surprise was unleashed,  the victim just stretched his hand out and a cutlass appeared on his hand with a red cloth tied at the handle of the cutlass,  he handed over the cutlass to the yoruba man and laid on the bed mercy had brought earlier,  the yoruba nigga squatted, then knelt down and started hacking the victim with the cutlass,  he dismantled his victims body into diff parts and dropped it in a bucket it was at this stage, i noticed that there were different buckets for sensitive parts like head, ears, private parts, etc. 358 more words

Social Issues

9ja Story: The Facebook Girl ... (Season 4 Episode 14)

Previously on S04 Episode 13

BETTY: onihaxy, come closer, let me see the

ME: ***removed the phone from my pocket
with fear and I drew closer to betty**** 1,781 more words

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