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Rise From the Deep

“Beneath the modern, industrial world and all of its rationality, the world of intuition, dream, and madness is alive. And it is returning. As this world crumbles, the old world will burst forth and the gods will walk again.

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fasting slowly

For my EDCI 336 passion project I am committing to fasting for a 24 hour period every week. My final meal before the fast will be on Thursday evening and the fast will culminate with a meal on Friday evening. 433 more words



(Enter this blog with love. Hé)

Everyday I awake and give thanks to the Great Spirit, for giving me this day and for allowing me to experience this world. 70 more words

The Mating Dance Ritual of the Greater Sage Grouse

In the last blog post, I shared images from a spring trip to the small town of Walden, CO.  Though we saw a variety of wildlife as well as a variety of birds, it wasn’t actually the purpose of our trip.   627 more words

Infinity and the sacred

Ganges sunrise

The priest stands on the edge of a concrete ghat before the dirty Ganges at dawn. He is naked from the waist up except for the sacred cord that runs over his left shoulder, symbol of the twice-born priestly-caste. 2,366 more words


Rite of Passage

Every now and then in our journey of life, we need a Rite of Passage.  We cannot really rely on our culture to provide this for us.  486 more words