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Chinese Shang Dynasty Bronze Ritual Wine Vessel Gu


The trumpet-shaped neck is undecorated while the middle section, which is set between double bow-string borders, is flat-cast with taotie masks formed by pairs of downward-facing birds with prominent pupils and quills stacked below the coiled tail. 50 more words


Art and Healing

In my post Finding My Thing, I stated that art journaling was not for me. Never say never. I now realize that is because I didn’t have anything to art journal about. 331 more words

Art Journal

Ritual for Freyja

I’ve been feeling drawn to Freyja lately. (Her and the Cat Tribe of Vanaheim.) I came across a ritual with Her to Increase Magickal Skills.  226 more words

Hammer Head

Hammer Head: The Making of a Carpenter

Nina MacLaughlin



We are Here:  Done!

Spoilers?     No


The lynch-pin of my morning routine (and my daily sanity) involves spending at least a half an hour in my trusty reading chair with a cup of coffee in one hand and an engrossing book in the other.  510 more words


Sunday Morning Gratitude

While the arrival of Sunday is often dreaded, I actually love Sunday mornings. It is my personal day of relaxation. Most weekends, I stay up until the wee hours on Saturday nights, most likely socializing (*ahem* drinking *ahem*). 204 more words


The Barber's Ritual

Life is made of rituals. One of my rituals is to take, once a year, when in Bologna, my son to the barber. The barber is the same where my grandfather used to go every week to have hair and moustache trimmed. 61 more words

Creative Life

A Further Note on Ritual and Power

As we jumpstart the discussion of Heathenry and ritual, I’m seeing a lot of folks mistaking powerful rituals for those rituals that are elaborate, complicated, and “high church.” I want to note that a ritual can be very, very simple. 321 more words