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How to Create Intention Stones for the New Moon

N E W   M O O N. Intentions are prayers. Offer them to the Universe.

These gentle whispers got me wondering – How do You Explore and Honour your Intentions? 785 more words

Nature + Moon + Tea

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It's the new moon already! I'm definitely making these since I have lots of stones I collected over the past few months. At the time I didn't know why I wanted so many stones but now, just maybe, I intuitively knew they would be used for this.

New Moon Candle Magic - New Home

Welcome back! What a wonderful time of the month to set new intentions and start new! Create new beginnings and make a change! Just a quick post on some candle magic work I did last new moon (April) for a dear friend that was in the process of moving. 248 more words

Vignettes 4: Wu Mei

I’ve already written a tribute to Wu Mei’s artistry.

Wu Mei has become a local star, a true musician renowned for his amazing guanzi… 256 more words


Bootha Kola

A Bootha Kola is a sort of shamanistic ritual where you summon Bootha’s or Daivas- spirits neither malevolent or benevolent who reflect the relationship between the tangible and intangible world. 247 more words


Vignettes 3: Golden Noble

Another indispensable member of Li Manshan’s band is Golden Noble (Jingui, formal name Zhang Shiyu, b.1968).

He is son of Li Qing’s younger sister—so though he is twenty-two years Li Manshan’s junior, they are considered the same generation.  284 more words