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The Price of Death - Price Tags on Display

I’m genuinely fascinated by the modern material culture of death, including spaces, buildings, monuments and material culture. I’ve written a handful of academic articles on the ‘contemporary archaeology of death’. 857 more words

Archaeologies Of Death And Memory

Coming Out on Top: Four Things I Learned from Loss

“Though there’s no one there to guide you
No one to take your hand
But with faith and understanding
You will journey from boy to man “- Phil Collins’ “Son of Man” 733 more words


sitting in the red room
smell of burning bread
familiarity rushed back
so swiftly that I
was taken of word, of thought
momentary, my reprieve… 105 more words


Just Hired!! Just...Fired??

So you all know that I’ve recently relocated to a new city living on savings, and the bit I was making from this online part-time gig that paid  665 more words


The magic of mornings

You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine. ~John C.

883 more words
Life's Lessons

Communion with the Sacred

Art and craft, these two simple words do a fine job of naming two of the three realms of living. I’ve had some difficulty finding an equally straightforward and simple term to describe and name the third. 1,694 more words



Dusky mountains, oceans of clouds,

Angry gale. A ritual…

A deep voice echoes in the valley,

From distant waters deep,

A visitor in the ceremony, 53 more words