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Simple Shower Prayer to Any Water Diety

As modern Pagans we can get pretty busy and everyday prayer or ritual can get put on the back burner. One thing we usually have time for, I hope, is a shower or bath though and during that time we can take a moment to honor any water related Deity or spirits we may feel close to.  274 more words


10 Tips on Sustaining Energy During Busy Times

The days have gotten longer here in Sydney with the advent of daylight savings which occurred on the weekend. Usually, I am rejoicing when it comes to this time of the year, mostly because I love waking up to full blown sunlight in the morning and love that it is still light outside on nights out when having dinner with friends. 1,142 more words

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Butternut Squash Soup

Always I’ve craved routine. I find comfort in redundant rituals that define my week. That first cup of coffee and hot shower pulls me out of bed in the morning; I’m not sure I would make it to work without them. 547 more words


Candle Magic and a Candle Spell

Candle magic is widely popular.  Probably the majority of the spells in pop-culture witchcraft are candle spells.  We do use candle spells in coven as well from time to time, but there are other secret ways that traditional covens use to make group magic together teaching up to the techniques of magic that may be described by folks as the very heart of magic, or the “quintessence of magic” – but for doing a spell by yourself, candle magic is a nice way to stimulate the mind and create a space of mystery and magic. 1,053 more words

Daily Tarot

October 7, 2015 ~ The Hermit – Pull back from the fray. Take a time out for reflection. Solitude brings much needed perspective. If you are seeking answers to a question, it may be best to consult the wise guide within yourself. 35 more words


Creating Your Sacred Space + Rituals

A sacred space is an area that is designated for a particular purpose. Sacred definition: /ˈsākrəd/ (adj) 1. connected with God (or the gods) or dedicated to a religious purpose and so deserving veneration. 644 more words


rituals: when hymns belong to babies (christy knutson).

I’ve got a lovely guest post for you today …one that involves babies and songs that are not just songs but hymns. Because, as writer… 864 more words