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Why Tithes, Offerings and Seed sowing?

A friend had a problem with the concept or doctrine behind the above. I
was excited because I was proud that she was growing to understand
that she ought to understand all the activities that pertain to
Christian living. 1,027 more words

I Forgot my Coffee... (08/26/2016 update)

What makes a writer tick? What are some things that people like me do to get the creative juices flowing?

Honestly, it’s all about ritual. You know how football fans have a sort of lucky charm they wear to help their team win the big game? 184 more words


Rachel, 25, UK

I’m terrified of thinking the wrong thing.

I started having OCD symptoms when I was around 14 in secondary school. I had a group of friends that started to bully me, and this is around the time it started.

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The Wall

The Unequal Yoke

The Unequal Yoke
He needed to do this.

It had been too long now

That he had set aside

Such things just for her. 313 more words


Rituals for Pirates. Also, grenades.

“This one has more scars… more fights.” (nods towards the other) “You’ve got a better chance against this one.” — Captain Flint, “Black Sails”, season 2, episode 1… 486 more words


Morning Ambience

When I shut my body down for the day but keep my thoughts open to the entirety of my imagination the one thing that makes my entire existence ecstatic is the thought of tomorrow’s morning. 532 more words



This time of year is always tough. Football season is ramping up, the weather has hinted that it might start to cool off a bit here soon, and the kids have gone back to school. 753 more words

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