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The Ups and Downs

It has been a minute since I have posted. I guess this post will explain my erratic posting behavior.

With depression, there are a lot of ups and downs. 198 more words

introduction to indesign.

new 3 page doc

added 2 new pages in pages palette

created text box- title

added 3 column grid

Body copy

Changed font to a san serif font… 66 more words


Within this poster I used a variety of tricks in order to create a realistic funk and soul poster for a club names “Lowdown”, for the main title i cut the girl with the green paterned top out and switched around the layers i then added a drop shadow making the angle clockwise in order to make it look like she i actually standing there. 97 more words


Production log

Week 1 – 02/10/2017

This week I was given the brief for the project of rituals. I also made a dance poster, click on image to find out more. 193 more words


Goddesses of Life and Death: Ala-Odinani Alusi of Fertility and the Underworld

Greetings beloveds,

We are move than half way through our Goddesses of Life and Death that we will be exploring here on The Bliss Institute. Today we will be sharing online resources to Ala, the Odinani Alusi or Igbo diety associated with Life and Death. 64 more words


Radio Drama

Creating a Radio Drama to Learn Skills in Adobe Audition 42 more words


Radio drama- 20/11/2017

In this lesson we edited our radio drama

We used the audition programme to add different sound effects

This is a screenshot from the audition programme of the finished Radio Drama and the top line of it is the recording of the script whereas everything else is things that I have added these things include animal noises and footsteps mostly I added these so the finished product is more clean and is just overall better.