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Blood on the Altar? Signs of Sacrifice at the Geogia Guidestones...

Okay, I already re-blogged this a little earlier from awesomeplaces2see, but I guess I felt compelled to do it again so I could add a bit more of my own commentary here (and get the actual vid up on my site) It appears that this video was uploaded to YT only today, but I’m guessing that if enough people actually look at it, it could go somewhat “viral”, at least within the circles of those who already understand what the… 197 more words

New World Order

Using the Elements for the Watchtowers

The Watchtowers are also known as the Guardians of the Cardinal/compass points. The
coincide with the four major compass points North, East, South and West. 658 more words


GIST : Two Ghana Men Try To Sell Teenager For Rituals

Two men have been remanded into police custody, by Bibiani Circuit Court, According to for attempting to sell off of a thirteen year boy for ritual. 145 more words


Photos: Girl Raped And Head Cut Off For Rituals

Wickedness and barbaric acts are taking order of the day as day in day out a lot of people are committing crimes and atrocities just to survive. 51 more words


What's in my beautybox? (March)

Today I received my very first beautybox from www.beautybox.nl (click on the link to get one yourself if you live in the Netherlands )   I didn’t really know what to expect, so my first thought about this was to just try it out and see what’s in it. 481 more words


Richard Rohr: Part 1


Fr. Richard Rohr returns to the show to discuss why conservatives can’t tear down and liberals can’t build, faith as knowing and unknowing, his appeal to evangelical males, Non-Dual Thinking, Isis, non-violence, Sins of weakness verse Sins of Malice and more. 19 more words

Newsworthy With Norsworthy Podcast

Why self-care is a serious business.

We don’t care for ourselves enough. We just don’t.

Our lives are busier than they ever have been before, and we’ve left ourselves behind, in order to keep up. 487 more words