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Rituals My fiancé Must Perform Before We Marry - Woman Explains |The Republican News

                 Angela Nwosu. Facebook photo

A lady has revealed the various rituals her future husband must submit to if he truly wants to marry her.

Angela Nwosu said that her fiancé must have taken some bath in a river for three consecutive days to qualify to marry her. 221 more words

Culture And Tradition

The Red Slippers

“Wearing red socks or shoes helps remind us to ground our bodies. Because red is a grounding color, seeing red on your feet throughout the day will serve as a reminder to bring your attention back to the physical body.

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A Qliphothic Rite of Malediction and Vampyrism

This rite is a very effective curse which most beginners will get results from. The effects of this rite in the order they are inflicted are to emotionally torment and vampyrize the target, sick a succubus or incubus to emotionally torment him for a given period of time, and wreak total destruction on the mind, spirit, and soul of the target. 861 more words


A Blasphemous Rite of Qliphothic Magick

This is a brief ritual of blasphemy which serves to deprogram the witch’s mind. The established tradition of Christianity is filled with known indoctrination techniques and is most often taught to the young. 601 more words



Brian wondered if his attention had wandered when,
on the first day the speaker told a story
and about 10, in an auditorium of 200, 97 more words


Travel Tip - Düsseldorf 'Altstadt'

Hey my loves,

as some of you might now I love Düsseldorf and so it seemed more than natural to me to do a travel tip for you about my favorite part about the city, which is it’s ‘Altstadt’. 167 more words

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