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Habit (from Latin habitudo, habitudinis, physical or moral structure) is the disposition or attitude acquired through repeated experience. This provision is inherent in the behavior of humans and animals. 292 more words


How To Perform A Tarot Contemplation Ritual

The first thing, one usually thinks when imagining performing meditation, is that one should close their eyes.  However, for this type of exercise, it is suggested that you keep your eyes open. 782 more words


Why Evening Rituals are as Important as Morning Rituals (1 min read)

Written By Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: GJ Seth

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I believe in the importance of waking up early to start our day… 401 more words


TRH is Frugal

TRH (The Retired Husband) has a morning ritual. Without it his day is ruined. It goes like this –

♥ make a cup of coffee… 358 more words

Story Corner

The Divination Toolkit: The Tarot Series: The Tower/The Lightening Strike

XVI The Tower/The Lightening Strike 

Mayhem, destruction, lightening, death! The Tower is a card that shows a world falling apart. At least that is what appears on the card. 580 more words


You'll never believe the three things I've discovered

Now that I have your attention. Take your fingers off the mouse pad or stop scrolling on your phone. Pause, take a deep belly breath and list three things you are grateful for. 32 more words


Night Rituals: Wake Up Determined, Go to Bed Satisfied!

Alright so if you have not read my morning ritual blog and if you are interested then please checkout here – Morning Ritual

As I mentioned in my morning ritual blog that morning rituals begins with the night ritual and here’s what mine look – 510 more words