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Mulberry Leaves

There is a nameless shrine on a mountaintop somewhere in the Nanpo islands of japan. Maps do not list it, and the torii crowning the entrance has been buried. 486 more words

Psychological Horror

Creating Happiness 

Chatting with a friend this morning about a ritual I have created. I call it “Best Day Ever” or BDE for short. Basically since January 1st of this year the first three words out of my mouth are “Best Day Ever!” … 447 more words

Journey into Tribal Belly Dance...

I was certain I was born with two left feet and no concept of rhythm. I never even danced in the privacy of my own home. 1,436 more words


Why Evening Rituals are as Important as Morning Rituals (1 min read)

Written By Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: GJ Seth

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I believe in the importance of waking up early to start our day  367 more words


New book out now!

Hello all,

Very pleased to announce the release of my second book Control and Meaning: An Analysis of Everyday Behaviours. click here to buy on a special countdown deal for the next week, get in early to get it cheap! 170 more words

Everyday Behaviours

Nail Care Routine

All through primary and part of secondary school I used to bite my nails and when I tried to stop biting my nails I pulled and bit at the skin around them. 931 more words


How to Get Happy with These 5 Science-Backed Rituals

Want to get happy? Check out these tips backed by scientific studies. What’s the point of work, family, exercise, reading, watching movies, and waking up in the morning? 32 more words