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Pokin' 'round Burnham Beeches

First published in my former website, Looking into the Dark Places, in 2001.
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In 1880 the Corporation of London purchased 80 hectares of pollard woodland plus East Burnham Common. 986 more words


Bhakti's nine ways of relating to God #5

In bhakti teachings, we learn that there are different ways to relate to God (as in: The personification of the Divine that inspires your love and devotion, so it could be the Goddess as well!), that will inspire your mind, your soul and your senses to move deeper into a mood of service and devotion. 730 more words

Daily Life

What we do: a daily rituals list for preteens

I wrote this for my own family as we get ready to go back to school this fall, and thought I’d share. Might be helpful to one of you out there! 336 more words


INCOMING - There's a SUPER Full Moon on the Way!

There’s a Super Full Moon coming….and this one has a deeply spiritual, mystical, or even religious feel to it! The sensitive Pisces Moon is aligned with Pisces’ ruler Neptune, while fiery Jupiter, aligns with the equally fiery Sun. 816 more words


The morning dream

I got my first alarm clock very early in life.  My dad basically gave me this “gift” and informed me I was on my own to wake up.   348 more words


How does a woman become an adult?

There is something about courage that is clarifying. By saying out loud to someone what I believe to be true, I become visible, I make an impression, I self-define, I create. 894 more words