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Spar in Salzburg

Guess who visited Spar? Looks good to me, but then I bought it..

The chocolate was still in my bag, its from the Czech Republic. A rich chocolate and chestnut butter filling, hmmm.. 26 more words


Vienna - Franz Joseph's city

Its his birthday today, so here is a picture for him. It is the stadium at Schoenbrun, – one of his palaces in Vienna :-) 25 more words


Prague - a view from the Imperial Gardens

Prague, – many say the most beautiful city in Europe. She lies in the Vlatava river basin.

Here is a view from the Imperial Gardens next to the Prague Castle, on the same hill where you find the St Vitus cathedral. 8 more words


Rio de la Plata

Looking out across the Rio de la Plata from Uruguay.

This is the lego version of Buenos Aires. :-)


Rio de la Plata - Colonia

Sunset on the Plate river from Colonia in Uruguay.

On the horizon, 40 km away, you can see Buenos Aires, like lego blocks, – not in this light though :-).


Cafe Tortoni

The oldest Cafeteria in Buenos Aires, started by a Frenchman.

They say an Argentine is really an Italian who speaks Spanish, behaves like a Frenchman and secretly wishes he was English..

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