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Spar in Salzburg

Guess who visited Spar? Looks good to me, but then I bought it..

The chocolate was still in my bag, its from the Czech Republic. A rich chocolate and chestnut butter filling, hmmm.. 26 more words


Vienna - Franz Joseph's city

Its his birthday today, so here is a picture for him. It is the stadium at Schoenbrun, – one of his palaces in Vienna :-) 25 more words


Prague - a view from the Imperial Gardens

Prague, – many say the most beautiful city in Europe. She lies in the Vlatava river basin.

Here is a view from the Imperial Gardens next to the Prague Castle, on the same hill where you find the St Vitus cathedral. 8 more words


Rio de la Plata

Looking out across the Rio de la Plata from Uruguay.

This is the lego version of Buenos Aires. :-)


Rio de la Plata - Colonia

Sunset on the Plate river from Colonia in Uruguay.

On the horizon, 40 km away, you can see Buenos Aires, like lego blocks, – not in this light though :-).


Cafe Tortoni

The oldest Cafeteria in Buenos Aires, started by a Frenchman.

They say an Argentine is really an Italian who speaks Spanish, behaves like a Frenchman and secretly wishes he was English..

All Sorts


The Duessel river delta empties into the Rhine here and gives the city both its name and its atmosphere.

Currently the capital of the area, they are in competition with the nearby Cologne, on the same river, holders of the cathedral and previously more important than they. 69 more words

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