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Kötzschenbroda Express: A Chattanooga Choo-Choo Detour through Postwar Germany

Berlin, 1945. There are many questions hanging over the heads of Germany’s rail passengers. Is this line still running? Do I have the right papers? Will my destination look anything like the town or city in my memory? 493 more words


Dresden at a glance...

Some friends and I spent a few days in Dresden en route to Prague for New Years 2014. With a little help from our local friend (Felix), we were able to explore this city in what little time we had to spend.


Allegro on the River Elbe - 3. 'All aboard' and Tangermunde

We ate a typical GDR lunch in Potsdam; Dumpling, boiled pork and sauerkraut washed down with the local beer. The dumpling, I remembered better, as suet pudding. 363 more words