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Kötzschenbroda Express: A Chattanooga Choo-Choo Detour through Postwar Germany

Berlin, 1945. There are many questions hanging over the heads of Germany’s rail passengers. Is this line still running? Do I have the right papers? Will my destination look anything like the town or city in my memory? 493 more words


Dresden at a glance...

Some friends and I spent a few days in Dresden en route to Prague for New Years 2014. With a little help from our local friend (Felix), we were able to explore this city in what little time we had to spend.


Allegro on the River Elbe - 3. 'All aboard' and Tangermunde

We ate a typical GDR lunch in Potsdam; Dumpling, boiled pork and sauerkraut washed down with the local beer. The dumpling, I remembered better, as suet pudding. 363 more words


A Few Last Days in Wittenberg

Two weeks ago the weather was wonderful. Our class took an excursion to Bergwitz on Wednesday to swim in the lake there. Of course, that was the day it rained, but we had fun anyway, and I got some pretty cool storm cloud pictures over the lake. 511 more words


Homeward Bound

Sitting in the V.I.P. Lounge at Prague airport. We have eaten and drunk so much that we have declined the free wines, beers and spirits and opted for fruit juice – a very sad day! 91 more words


Saxon Switzerland, Bastei and Litomerice

During the morning we cruised through the region know as Saxon Switzerland. The river is lined with dramatic cliffs and interesting sandstone formations.

We docked in Bad Schandau and after lunch we enjoyed views from the 656-foot-high Bastei. 118 more words



It’s now become tropical, 26°C and we’re off for our Martin Luther lesson in Wittenberg or as it’s officially know Lutherstadt Wittenberg. For those of you interested in the historical perspective I’ve added a Wiki link for you to click! 178 more words