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Evil........ God.......Humans

River Tam killed a shit ton of bad guys in a matter of minutes, while Mal couldn’t do much with his stupid gun.

It takes someone a few minutes to load a gun….more if you don’t know what you’re doing, 153 more words

All the Firefly episodes and Serenity ranked from ‘shiny’ to ‘shiniest’

Having done Buffy and Angel, it seemed fitting that I should complete the set by running down my favourite Firefly episodes. As there are so few, and they’re all so good, it seemed silly to cut any off the list.  2,099 more words

REVIEW: Serenity - No Power in the 'Verse by Chris Roberson

I’m so glad that Dark Horse comics is still continuing to tell Firefly stories. It will forever remain a shame that the show was canceled after one season and the movie,  906 more words

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