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From a single point in time
on a corner south of pine
I sit and watch the sparrows play
waiting for the clock to strike… 96 more words

River Urke

Phase III

I am drowning in red
after sixteen months
I skim the surface
breathing in the crisp air
watching leaves dance
around an old stump.

I get a second chance… 15 more words

River Urke

Boxes of Blood

We are color-blinded by race
and obsessed with sex
a society of half truths
where people skim by

to the divides
categorizing them in groups… 82 more words

River Urke

Summer in the North

Every year, I find myself surprised
when summer comes around.
It’s silly, I’m smarter than that
but honestly part of me
doesn’t believe it will happen. 135 more words

River Urke

Sounds of Silence

Twenty miles into the BWCA
an old red pine falls
crashing to the forest floor.

Birds respond first
to the crack of the old pine… 37 more words

River Urke