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Square Mile River Cray Selections

My narrowed down sections for The River collection which still needs to be culled further. Ideally I want them to tell a story of the changes in the Rivers image as it flows through the town. 46 more words

Square Mile - The River - Contact Sheets

The River Cray which runs through the town has very different looks, from the old abandoned mill on one end (I tried to gain access to this as it is on private land but unfortunately was refused therefore the old images I could get were from the roadside through the gaps in the fence so these photographs are not ideal) to the landscaped gardens of Hall place.

Square Mile Theme

So after chasing my tail in different directions I have narrowed it down to two themes within my Square Mile which in fact overlap in places. 104 more words

The Osprey

The Osprey  – in beautiful Southern Maryland on the Patuxent River


Thrill-Seeking #Introvert

In my August 25 post, I pondered the thought of an inverted parallel universe. Still wondering about that.





found poem: clouds

found poem © j.i. kleinberg
created during the Poetry Marathon, 13-14 August 2016

Found Poetry