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Who Is The Black Hood? - Riverdale Theories

**spoilers ahead**

Hey girl hey. And boy.

If you read the title and had no idea what I was talking about, WE’RE NOT FRIENDS. Okay fine we are, but RIVERDALE IS AWESOME AND YOU NEED TO WATCH IT. 710 more words


Why so many plot holes???? *spoilers*

So I am underwhelmed with the Black Hood Reveal just as much as the other guy, and correct me if I’m wrong, but did they not mention anything about the two different letters from the Black Hood? 81 more words


Riverdale Recap: Issue 12.13

What a silent, deadly night in Riverdale High, folks. It’s time for your Riverdale Recap.

Lunch Money, Please?

Money is an issue. The Blossoms aren’t able to have anything, but a “hard candy Christmas,” and Fred Andrews just received his hospital bill totaling at $86,000. 716 more words


#Riverdale Reactions Season 2 Episode 9 from @kleffnotes

Christmas came to Riverdale this week and everyone is in for some surprises this holiday season. I react to all the reveals in my latest Riverdale Reactions, see you in the new year with more videos! 39 more words

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Shamed-Not-Slut: The Trope of the Virgin “Slut” in Young Adult Media

By: Elise LeSage

Lately, I have seen female protagonists in teen movies and TV shows suffer under the label of “slut.” The story is usually the same. 467 more words

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Riverdale Series 2 Episode 9 Review

Now I know I said that I was going to be more active when it comes to reviewing Riverdale, but in my defence, I have recently moved to a new country (Bonjour la France) and started work as a language assistant… Anyhow, this week’s episode of Riverdale was quite the corker as although the question surrounding the identity of the Black Hood was finally answered, the audience were still left this gnawing  feeling of foreboding. 333 more words