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Song Update: "Castalia"

I live! >_> <_<

I have unfortunately been dealing with some health problems, which is part of the reason I needed to assert my not-deadness. Thanks to all those who have been patiently waiting. 403 more words


Nature's Gym - Saturday 10 September

On Saturday 10th September, the Nature’s Gym volunteers will be joining forces with ChArt to carry out some much needed work in Chinbrook Meadows.  Work will involve, clearing the small pond area, cutting back the reeds and clearing some of the nettles the banks. 144 more words

Nature's Gym

Sins of the Fathers: East Chicago's Poisoned Water and The Weight of History

East Chicago is one of those strange places that most of us only glimpse while driving past it, along its southern end, on a road trip that takes us through the rundown broken-factory grime of northwestern Indiana. 1,195 more words

Big Brother Gives a Helping Hand

I don’t know who these children are or even if they are related. But I’m guessing they are siblings and big brother is giving little sister a hand as she climbs out of Cuyahoga River in Peninsula. 52 more words




Glandford is always pronounced ‘ Glanford’, and used to be spelt that way too. It lies on the river Glaven, and the name is an abbreviated form of ‘Glaven-ford’, so where the middle ‘d’ came from I am at a loss to speculate. 627 more words

Local History


Wouldn’t you think that I have been around long enough to resist nomination for Facebook competitions. Once bitten twice shy as the saying goes.

I thought so too but in a moment of weakness I accepted a mate’s nomination and signed on for an image a day for seven days.   353 more words

A Map of English Geographical Redundancy

The Mississippi River: North America’s longest river. There’s only one problem with that. Well, three. First, North America’s not a very good concept. Second, what should count as the Mississippi River is highly debatable, as it its canonical definition is neither the longest path of river water emptying at the Mississippi Delta (Missouri River) nor the path following greater water inflow at each tributary juncture (Ohio River). 88 more words