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Snapshots of Kanayama: Where the Maze and Hida Rivers meet

It is a thrill to stand at the power spot where two rivers meet. In Kanayama, the Hida River in the east, and the Maze River in the west join to continue their journey to the Pacific Ocean. 249 more words


Reading-on-Thames Festival : What's in it for Katesgrove-on-Kennet?

The first Reading-on-Thames Festival takes place from 9-17 September. It promises to “use Reading’s rivers as a backdrop and inspiration”. 429 more words

Katesgrove Ward

Day 4. Danube Excursion: Linz—Krems

by Stefan Bitsch

Linz —> Hütting —> Grein —> Melk —> Krems

Dangers of the Danube: Floods and Rapids throughout History

On the fourth day of our excursion, the group had the opportunity to learn from Christian Rohr (University of Bern) and Severin Hohensinner (University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences in Vienna), who shared their expertise with us during the various stops along the way. 1,450 more words

Environmental History

Rally for Rivers with Sadhguru

I remember the Sanskrit mantra,

गङ्गेच यमुने चैव गोदावरी सरस्वति ।
नर्मदा सिन्धु कावेरी जलेऽस्मिन् संनिधिं कुरु ॥
Gangge-Ca Yamune Ca-Iva Godaavarii Sarasvati |
Narmadaa Sindhu Kaaverii Jalesmin Samnidhim Kuru || 278 more words

Always changing

Although I love a beautiful mountain lake,

for me, there is something about a running stream,

always moving,

never stagnant,

always changing,

going somewhere new. 11 more words

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