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The Ganga, or as it is locally called: Hooghly, as seen in Serampore, West Bengal.


FIELD I - Inspiration

Artists that inspired this project:

  • Sean Lenz and Kristoffer Abildgaard

This series of images is definitely something I’m going to investigate further in the future. The artists use glow sticks in water and long exposure photography to create these incredible images. 392 more words


FIELD I - Reflection

Field in the second year is a lot more enjoyable then in the first year, from what I’ve experienced so far. Being able to choose the project was really important, and not spending too long on the same subject is something that I really benefit from. 346 more words


FIELD I – Paint

Originally my idea to sort of cohere all the work I’d done throughout the project was to organise my work into three sections, each one focusing on different parts of the water cycle. 136 more words


FIELD I – Photo

I think for me this project was predominantly about experimentation in print, but I didn’t want to limit myself to that so I did some time with cameras and in the dark room. 210 more words


FIELD I - Print

This project was made up of a series of workshops over the weeks. Most of the workshops were print based but we also had some photography based workshops. 674 more words



(To whoever is reading my blog,

I don’t know if this is helpful to you at all, but this is a post that has links to all of the blog posts I’ve done for each project this year, with the intention of being easier to find all the needed information. 80 more words