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Merging spaces

The Gingerbread Temple

After the long tiring walk of 500 biscuit steps, the two vagabonds finally reached the temple. The tower like top was constructed with stacks of pancakes,  with hints of blueberry syrup oozing out through the crevices. 145 more words

Beramal Shalih Karena Berharap Dunia

Terkait seorang yang beramal shalih dengan mengharap dunia, maka perlu disampaikan bahwa ibadah dalam syari’at terbagi menjadi dua 368 more words

Akhlak & Tazkiyatun Nufus

Scene 250 - Restituo



Eight years ago

I rubbed at the spot where my horns used to be. “This still feels weird.”

Aka Manah’s daughter, a pretty girl my age named Riya, poked at my head, giggling. 1,728 more words