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Five Senses: Installation

The Mango Project

The memory we choose to recreate evoking all the senses is the everlasting memory of summer. When we first thought of creating this season, we thought of re-creating something intrinsic to the summers we have experienced in the past. 133 more words

Sense Of Sound

Sudah seberapa ikhlaskah kita?


(Kisah nyata dari Masjid di Puncak, Bogor)

Ada dua sahabat yang terpisah cukup lama; Ahmad dan Zaenal. Ahmad ini pintar sekali. Cerdas. Tapi dikisahkan kurang beruntung secara ekonomi. 776 more words


Types of Shirk

First: Major Shirk (Shirk al-Akbar)

Which Allah does not forgive. Allah says:

“this is the guidance of Allah with which he guides whosoever he wills of his slaves. 461 more words


Why Does Putting Yourself Out There Attract So Much Hate? There's A Difference Between Destructive And Constructive Criticism

Brotherhood, sisterhood, concealing each others flaws, giving each other 70 excuses, advising each other in PRIVATE, positive words and thoughts, and not backbiting are all weighted heavily in Islam. 1,023 more words


The Elements EP launch party @ The Queens Head, Redditch - 30/05/15

We have been travelling to the Midlands to work with Scenic and Advisory for a few years now. I’m very happy to be celebrating the launch of my EP with them! 31 more words