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Something Strange

Foremost is my daughter, who lives in Riyadh. We spend one hour on telephone daily with each other. There is so much to share. I feel lost if I don’t talk to her. 197 more words

Daily Prompts, Topic Ideas

Why take childbirth education classes?

Epidurals are safe these days and I can have a completely pain free labour so I may as well just have one, right?!

If I pass my due date it’s better for my baby that the doctor just induces me, right?! 336 more words


Escape to Egypt

November 28, 2014

Finally… the long awaited day is here. My first trip out of Saudi Arabia since arriving here about 4 months ago.

For at least the last 5 years of my life, I don’t think I’ve gone 4 months without flying somewhere or going somewhere on some sort of trip or adventure. 962 more words

The Streets of Jeddah: That Was Then - This Is Now

I’ve always enjoyed writing about Saudi Arabia, as regular readers of this blog will know. The other day I was delving through my digital archives and I found this piece from 1985. 887 more words

Middle East

Fancy a City Break?

Riyadh on Friday; Jerusalem on Saturday; Belfast on Sunday



The Little Things

I would say that when most people say they “escaped” Saudi Arabia, whether it was quietly in the middle of the night or screaming in broad daylight; to the rest of the world images of abusive religious police, domestic violence, and gross human rights violations committed by extremists carrying ISIS flags on camelback are invoked with the very mention of the Kingdom. 299 more words

Saudi Arabia

The Versatile Blogger Award | Facts About Me

First and foremost JazakiAllaahu khair to The Human Lens who has presented me with such an award. The Human Lens has been tremendously supporting me since the beginning of my blogging journey. 321 more words