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Hyundai Presents: Rizzo's Vegas Vacation

Are you feeling lucky? Take that luck straight to Las Vegas – for FREE. Tony Rizzo wants to book you a trip to Las Vegas! 42 more words


Feel Like Bustin' Loose

You can’t contain the Rizzo!!!

Mom put me in my old playpen with my blanket, my breakfast and a full bowl of water. She’s trying to get me to drink more water, but she knows that when I’m in my crate, I knock over the water bowl or chew off the holder for the water bottle and end up with nothing to drink. 89 more words


Post-Chemo Treatment and My Poor Kidney

I finished my chemo. Now what? That’s what dad wants to know, too. So another early morning of getting bundled up and heading to the hospital. 340 more words


RBI Baseball 15 Teased for Spring!

Today, MLBAM officially announced R.B.I. Baseball 15 will be coming to baseball fans this spring, marking the second edition of the iconic video game franchise as developed for next generation consoles, smartphones and tablets by the NY-based media and technology company. 337 more words

Metronomic Chemotherapy

I learned a new word today: metronomic. It means plop-plop. Like the sound I make when I bang on the door to the closet where my food is hidden. 197 more words


Is Anthony Rizzo the next Joey Votto?

Oh, player comparisons, how I usually disagree with them, or laugh at them. I mean,┬ácalling top 2015 MLB Draft prospect Brady Aiken the next Clayton Kershaw, or Cubs, and baseball’s, top prospect Kris Bryant the next Troy Glaus, is a bit wild, especially the Kershaw comp. 437 more words