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9.07 - Summer Wolves

Previously, the triplets aged up to YA, Freya got pregnant again, and Rizzo aged up to child then drowned while snorkeling.

I have now updated the… 777 more words


9.06 - Sad Graduates

Previously, Freya gave birth to baby girl Rizzo, who aged up into a black-haired toddler. The triplets went to prom, and because BFFs with one another; and Crystal returned to the Netherworld. 911 more words


Dino Rizzo Speaking Event

Check out this awesome video of Dino Rizzo giving an inspiring message to a huge crowd!

9.05 - Family Bonding

Previously, we had a destination snow wedding at the Serenity Spa, Crystal returned to the netherworld, and Freya became pregnant with the first baby of gen 10! 859 more words