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What's Taking So Long?

I’m waiting for breakfast. So is brother.

What’s taking so long? Mom says that my Azodyl pills need an hour to start working. Me to mom: so wake up an hour earlier.

We’re staaaarving.


Bye-Bye UTI

U-T-I. It means urinary tract infection, and I have one. Well, I had one and I might still have one.

After my last visit to the oncologist, the hospital called to tell mom my CBC bloodwork looked great and my kidney disease looked stable and mildly improved. 214 more words


A Visit To The Cherry Blossoms

Spring is finally here! I love Spring! There are pretty flowers everywhere, and it’s nice and sunny outside. I can sit on my deck with mom and dad or run around the yard with brother. 110 more words


What if Quicksilver Runs Past You?

When you have a pressing question about comic book characters who do you call? No not Paul Feig. VSauce3 and the Muppets put together a video to explain the science behind what would happen. 14 more words


Biscuit on the Counter

Silly mom. She left a dog biscuit on the kitchen counter. It’s mine.

The biscuit was in a cardboard box with my medicine. It’s my box and my medicine. 220 more words


Breaking Down a Miracle on Ice Movie: The Commies are Coming

Ladies and gentlemen of the blog universe, I’m pleased to announce that I’ll finally be resuming the project that I started about analyzing the original Miracle on Ice movie, which I began approximately a century ago. 2,121 more words


Sunday Adventure With Dad

It’s been an exciting few days. We have visitors! I love visitors. Especially if they like to pet me and tell me how good I am. 368 more words